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Transfer Music from Android to Computer

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music from Android to Mac or PC

Apr. 8, 2015 11:25 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Android Tips
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Here we collect three common and simple ways on how to transfer music from Android to computer with USB, memory card reader and data transfer tool. They are feasible on Samsung Galaxy, Moto, LG, HTC One, and other Android devices.

Way 1. Using Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Compared with the other two ways, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is more superior. For example, with it, you are able to view the detailed content of each item; It provides two options for you to transfer music from Android to computer wirelessly or with USB; Besides, you can still recover them and save them to local Mac and PC even when the music files are deleted from your Android device.

Download this program on your computer.

Free Trial Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software:
Free Trial Windows Size: 22.31MB
Free Trial Mac Size: 42.82MB

Way 2. Via Android USB Cable

The commonest solution that strikes us is using the USB cable. Follow the steps below:

Way 3. Using a Memory Card Reader

If you ensure your music files are stored in the SD card of your Android phone rather than in the phone, you can insert the memory card to your computer to move music from Android to computer.

These three choices are all feasible for music transferring between Android and computer. But the first choice - Tenorshare Android Data Recovery - is relatively more powerful. It supports both existing data and deleted data.

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