iTunes Song Info Shortcut for Win & Mac

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-12-07 / Update for  iTunes Tips

When you have a list of songs in your iTunes, but have no clue about anything and everything about iTunes song info shortcuts to play music. Then that's a tiny thing to worry about. Many people find it bit clumsy and confusing to manage iTunes music, if they switch from a Windows to a Mac computer or vice-versa. If you too have that same thing bothering you, then go easy. We are here to make the tedious task simple and help you have a thorough but quick reference to iTunes song info shortcuts.

We have featured a detailed table comprising of all the possible iTunes song info shortcuts to save you from all the hassle. Apart from that we have also mentioned an alternate tool to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and groove to your favorite number.

Part 1: iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts Comparison Between Windows & Mac

We know, how tough you find to control iTunes songs through shortcuts. So here is the table containing all the possible shortcuts to ease out your burden. You can go right away, print this table and keep as a reference for always.

Actions Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
You can play video and music with these iTunes song info shortcuts
Start/Stop a desired media file (audio/video) Space Bar Space Bar
Replay the current media from the beginning Return
Play the selected media Enter
Forward or backward movement in the audio/video Control + Alt + Right/Left Arrow Option + Command + Right/Left Arrow
Play the previous or next media file Shift + Left/Right Arrow Option + Left Arrow/Right Arrow
Go to the next or previous media file Left/Right Arrow Left/Right Arrow
To increase the volume Control + Up Arrow Command + Up Arrow
To decrease the volume Control + Down Arrow Command + Down Arrow
Mute or unmute the audio Control + Alt + Down Arrow Option + Command + Down Arrow
Move to the next or last chapter if it's there Control + Shift + Right/Left Arrow Shift + Command + Left/Right Arrow
Streaming audio to iTunes from a certain URL Control +U Command + U
You can manage and create playlists using the following iTunes song info shortcuts
For creating a new play list Control + N Command + N
Select songs and create a playlist Control + Shift + N Command + Shift + N
To create a new Smart Playlist Control + Alt + N Option + Command + N
Refreshing Radio list when Radio is being selected F5
Genius Playlist refresh, while playlist is selected F5 Command + R
Delete the selected playlist without confirmation for deletion Command + Delete
Delete selected playlist along with the media file from library Option + Delete
Delete selected media from all playlists and library Option + Delete
Managing media files and iTunes library using these iTunes song info shortcuts
Adding media files to music library Control + O Command + O
Display the media file location Control + R Shift + Command + R
To choose the search field Control + F Command + F
Renaming/editing the name of the current item F2
Undo recent typing in the edit mode Control + Z Command + Z
Cutting the selected media file's artwork/information Control + X Command + X
Copy the selected media file's artwork/information Control + C Command + C
Pasting the selected media file's artwork/information Control + V Command + N
For a video in motion – select an artwork for it Control + Click on the movie and select 'Set Poster Frame' Control + Click on the movie and select 'Set Poster Frame'
For selecting all media files Control + A Command + A
Deselecting all media files Shift + Control + A Shift + Command + A
Select or deselect all media files in a list Control + Click the checkboxes against the media file Command + Click the checkboxes against the media file

Part 2: An iTunes Alternative Tool to Manage your iPhone

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Final Views

Though, the above mentioned table clearly mentions each action to control the audio and video files of your iPhone, on your Mac or Windows systems. It must be stressful to get hold of them at the first place. But, with amazing software applications such as Tenorshare iCareFone, everything is easy, quick, efficient and free of any Ad. You can not only manage the audio and video files but seamlessly transfer them between Mac/Windows computer and your iPhone. if you are looking for an alternative that can spare you memorizing the iTunes song info shortcut, the Tenorshare iCareFone is your answer.