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3 Ways to Disable iPhone Backup Process in iTunes

November 23, 2016 04:30 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iTunes Tips
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Most people are familiar with iTunes as it is not only a simple music player but a useful tool to manage music and videos in iOS devices. Whenever you plug your iPhone, iPod or iPad into computer with iTunes, iTunes will attempt to automatically scan and back up your device. Generally back up device is great in case of losing data accidently, but sometimes you may want to disable iPhone backup in iTunes due to the following reasons:

stop backup

Method 1: Prevent Automatic Backup iPhone by Disabling Auto-sync

To stop iTunes from backing up iPhone every time, you can simply tick the "Prevent iPhone from syncing automatically" in iTunes. To do this, follow the steps below:

Method 2: Change the Command to Disable iTunes Backup Process Permanently

There's a little difference to turn off the iPhone backup in iTunes between Windows and Mac, here's quick guide for different systems:

For Windows:

For Mac:

If you want to enable backups, change the terminal command to:
defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

Note: Many people are used to locking their iTunes with password to keep the safety of the file. But sometimes they may forget the passcode and cannot get access to the backups. You can free to try iPhone Backup Unlocker to restore all your precious data form iTunes.

Method 3: Stop iTunes auto Backup iPhone by Using iCloud

An alternative way for stopping iTunes from automatically backing up iPhone is to set your device backup via iCloud instead. Follow the steps to complete the setup:

Next time you connect your device to computer, iTunes will not sync it automatically. Instead, it will back up in iCloud , which will not hamper any operation.

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