iTunes How to Get Album Artwork (iTunes 12.10 Included)

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-11-12 / Update for  iTunes Tips

Anyone knows how to get album artwork in iTunes? I've noticed a few artist photos were missing since upgrading to 12.10.9. Any ideas on how to fix or refresh? They are mainstream artists, nothing obscure."

iTunes won't get Album Artwork, how do I get the Album Artwork? In order to tidy up and organize your iTunes library, it's an excellent idea to add album art. Here in this post, I will share with you 5 ways to iTunes how to get album artwork:

Method 1. Manually Add Missing Album Artwork in iTunes

iTunes support importing CD to it. So do you know how to get album artwork for imported CD? Or you just cannot find artwork and wonder how to get album artwork on iTunes when not found. In these cases, you can just search online for right album covers and add them by yourself. Now check answers on iTunes how to get album artwork:

  • Find a picture of the song or album as the artwork. Save it to your Desktop.
  • Open iTunes on your PC or Mac, and choose Music > Library.
  • Select the album with missing artwork and click on the Artwork option.
  • Click on Add Artwork. Locate the artwork file and click Open. Or you can directly drag the picture to the artwork area.

    add artwork
  • Finally you can see the ablum artwork you add.

Method 2. Retrieve Missing Album Artwork Using iTunes

The first method is good to someone who has just several artwork missed. But what if a lot of artwork can not be displayed? If you cannot see the album artwork offered by iTunes Store, try to Get Album Artwork as shown below:

  • Open iTunes on your computer and click on File > Library > Get Album Artwork.
  • Then wait for the process to complete.

    get album artwork

Method 3. Clear iTunes Cache to Get Album Art

When you open files in iTunes, it will create a cache file. And it is the same with artwork. The problem of missing artwork may caused by the cache. So if we clear the cache of network, it will reload the cache after we open the album next time, so how to get album artwork in iTunes can be solved.

  • Open Music folder on your computer and locate at the iTunes folder.
  • Find Album Artwork > Cache. And then delete this file. (Do not delete folders other than this one.)
  • Then restart iTunes and open albums to get artwork.

Method 4. Rebuild iTunes Music Library to Get Artwork

The 4th method about how to get album artwork on iTunes is to rebuild iTunes music library. And it is always better to backup your iTunes media before doing this.

  • Open Music > iTunes folder on your PC or Mac.
  • Copy two files: iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Library.xml.
  • Then delete the iTunes Library or iTunes Library.itl file.

    delete itunes music library file
  • Now open iTunes, click on File > Library > Import Playlist. Locate and import the iTunes Music Library.xml file to rebuild iTunes library.

    organize itunes library

Method 5. Restart iTunes to Get Album Artwork

To get album artwork, restart iTunes is also en easy method. Just close iTunes app and restart it. You can also try to fix this by reinstall iTunes : uninstall and then download the latest iTunes to your computer. As long as you have your iTunes account, all the music should still be there.

Bonus: How to Transfer Music Album between iTunes and iPhone & iPad

Some people also want to know how to get album artwork on iPhone. If you try the following way successfully, then you can sync iPhone with iTunes. But is there a better way to transfer music and other media like videos, podcasts and audiobooks between iTunes and iPhone or iPad? Well, we get Tenorshare iCareFone.

  • Download and run iCareFone on your computer and connect your iPhone with it. Select "Transfer iTunes Media to Device".

    transfer itunes media to device
  • All the media file types will be displayed. You can select the music to transfer to iTunes.

    transfer itunes media
  • Click on "Transfer" to start syncing and wait for it to finish.

    transfer itunes media finish


iTunes album artwork helps us quickly find the music we want to listen and make iTunes library more organized. So far, we have introduced 5 ways of iTunes how to get album artwork and one tips on how to transfer iTunes music to iPhone with Tenorshare iCareFone. I hope it helps you a lot.

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