The Best iTunes Music Organizer 2016 for Windows and Mac OS X

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  iTunes Tips

Excuse me. My iTunes music library has been messed up with a big amount of duplicates. Some songs have unknown artist and cover while some miss album. Is there any way to organize iTunes music library on Mac with ease.

iTunes Music is a great way of discovering new music. It allows you to listen to everything in the iTunes store for the price of a single monthly subscription. However over the years you’ve probably collected a sizable collection of music in your iTunes library. Then you will find that there are many duplicates contained in your iTunes library. For now you may want to clean up your iTunes music library.

If you want to remove duplicate songs in iTunes music library:
Click View > Show Duplicate Items in Music module > Click Edit > Tap Delete option on all scanned duplicates in iTunes

If you want to rename albums and tracks by online database:
Go to iTunes > Preferences > General > Tick Automatically retrieve CD track names from the internet.

With those methods, you can organize your iTunes music library at your own will, but at the same time, to manually go through your iTunes music library looking for duplicates would be time-consuming

So is there a way that could do all these things at one blow? Of course, Tenorshare iTunes Music Cleanup is here to help you to remove duplicates and add song tags including album artwork, album, artist, genre, etc in only a few clicks. It is the best iTunes Music Library organizer that could do all iTunes cleanup work easily. The following instruction tells you how to clean up iTunes music library in detail.

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How to Cleanup iTunes Music Libraray – Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Step1. Download and install the program on your Windows/Mac. Launch it and login your registration code. Click “Start Scan” and all music files be loaded to the program.

start scan itunes music

Step2. Click “Duplicated Songs” and you can view all the repeated items. Check those you want to get rid of and click “Clear Duplicate” or alternatively click “Clear all Duplicate” to delete all duplicates at once.

remove duplicates
Note:This way is also applied to cleanup local music. You can click iTunes Music Clean and Local Music Clean to switch on top right of interface.

How to Organize iTunes Music Library – Add Tags and Edit Info to Unidentified Songs

Step1. Run the program and click “Unidentified Songs” on the category list. All unidentified songs are sort out. Choose any one you want to edit.

unidentified songs

Step2. Click “Identified” to automatically get information such as album, genre, year and more. Or you can manually add info to your music files by clicking the Edit icon. Finally tap “Apply” button.

edit itunes music files

The all fixed results would be saved in your iTunes music library. If you have any question, please leave your comments in the comment section.

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  Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  iTunes Tips

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