Top 2 Ways to Spy A Cell Phone without Having It or Installing Software

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-02-12 / Update for  Mobile Tracker

Want to know the activity of your partner when you are not around? Being curious about what happens to your children at school without him/her knowing? I bet you may have checked their mobile phone and always have been caught, that’s really embarrassing. Why not try it in another way? You can remotely monitor a cell phone even without having it in secret. In this post, we will show you 2 top-rated ways guiding you to spy on an iPhone or Android device without having access to or installing software on the target phone.

Way 1: Using iCloud to Spy A Cell Phone without Having It

You probably don’t know that iCloud can be used as a spy tool as long as your targeted person is an iOS device user and you know his/her iCloud account, then you can extract the iCloud backup and spy all the info (iMessage, text (SMS), WhatsApp chats, Facebook message, photos and videos, etc.) which has been synced to iCloud. But all these may need the help of an iCloud backup extractor, I believe Tenorshare UltData is such a tool can help you extract and download iCloud data from iCloud backup with ease. Below is how it works.

Download and install UltData on your PC/Mac, and navigate to Recover from iCloud Backup Files, then login into with your iCloud account and password.

icloud backup

After you logined into your iCloud account, all your backups will be shown on the interface. Just choose one and have it scanned. Once the scanning completed, you are allowed to preview all files covering messages, photos, chat history, contacts, Facebook/Line/Wechat history and so on whilst the target phone will not have any alerts of being monitored.


Way 2: Install Spy App on Your Own Device

If you have no idea of the target person’s iCloud account, then using iCloud account to spy on someone seems unworkable for you, but you still have a chance to get this problem solved by installing a free spy app, like DDI utilities on your own device to remotely spy on his/her behavior without installing any software on the target smartphone. DDI utility allows you to spy on both iPhone and Android devices through remotely accessing data including texts, photos, calls, GPS, Facebook, Twitter, tracking their locations and more from the target phone.

To do so, you just need download and install DDI utility on your phone, then send the download link to the target device.

Open the text message and hit the link and click on those activations link, after all these, you can successfully spy on someone.


Hope these 2 ways are helpful for you to spy and monitor a cellphone without installing any software on the target phone. But what can you do if one day you realized that your phone has been monitored by someone with a spy app? Don’t panic, this issue is not difficult to resolve, just fully erase your device with a professional Phone data eraser tool, the one I use most often is iCareFone Cleaner, its Full Data Eraser feature can wipe out all the data and settings from your iPhone including those spy apps. Just go get one and give it a shot!