How to Find Out If Your Phone is Being Spied On

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-19 / Update for  Mobile Security

With spy apps becoming increasingly available, you would not be paranoid to think that someone is spying on or tracking your device. But these spy apps can be stealthy and hidden, making it very difficult to know for sure. If you have reason to believe that someone could be tracking your device, this article will show you how to tell if your mobile is being spied on and show you what you can do about it.

Symptoms of A Phone that is Being Spied On

For someone to track or spy on your device, they must have installed spy software on it. This spy programs interact with the device in various ways, causing one or more of the following symptoms;

1. Battery Draining Too Fast

Many spy apps on your device will increase battery usage. So, the first thing you should look out for is sudden changes in your battery life. Does your phone need charging more often than it did before? while this is a clear indicator, it is also worth noting that as the device ages, the battery will diminish naturally. So check for this and other signs as well.

2. Temperature Rising

When your device's temperature is suddenly getting higher than normal, it is often a sign that there are apps running in the background. If you are certain that you can't find any of your apps running in the background, it is logical to conclude that there are hidden apps on the device running in the background. Since most spy apps are often hidden, sudden changes in device temperature can point towards the availability of spy software.

3. Phone Shuts Down Suddenly

Some spy apps often carry a lot of bugs that can seriously affect your device's performance. One sign there is a hidden app affecting the device is when it shuts down unexpectedly even when fully charged.

4. Background Noise

If you can hear background noise when making or receiving a call, it is likely that there is a spy app on your device that has call listening and recording features. But sometimes the background noise can be caused by a poor connection. You should worry when it happens more often than normal.

5. Increased Data Usage

Some spy apps require an internet connection to send the collected data to the person spying on you. So if you see a spike in data usage that is sudden and can't be explained, you may have reason to believe someone is spying on your phone.

How to Stop Someone Spying on Your Phone

If your phone is exhibiting one or more of the symptoms discussed above, you may be desperate to get rid of the spy app and stop them from spying on you. The following tips should help;

1. Check The Spy Apps on Your Phone

To be completely sure, you need to check your device for the spy software. Here's how you can do that for both Android and iPhone.

For iPhone; all software that is not approved by Apple including all spy apps can only be installed on a Jailbroken iPhone. If you find that your device is jailbroken and you didn't know, there is spy software on it. The easiest way to get rid of it is to update the iOS software to un-jailbreak the device and remove the spy software.

For Android; To find out if there is a spy app on your Android device, install Anti spy, an app that will scan the device and find any spy software on the device.

2. Use Anti-Virus App

An anti-virus app is the best bet when you want to eliminate spy apps from your device. Most anti-virus software will detect spy apps and label them malware, allowing you to easily remove them.

avast antivirus

3. Use a Passcode

Using a strong passcode will keep someone from accessing the device to install spy software on your device. You also way want to consider changing the passcode regularly just in case someone guesses your passcode.

enter passcode

4. Wipe Your Phone

To protect the sensitive information on your device, it is advisable to wipe all sensitive data from the device. You can clean out all your stored passwords, banking information and sensitive emails. Even if someone installs spy software on your device, they will not have access to any data.

To easily and quickly wipe your phone, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone, a program that can be used to safely erase data from the device. Its function is ideal for creating space on the device but can also be used to erase sensitive information from the device to keep it from prying eyes.

For people who are worries about the sensive data being spied on their iPhone, Tenorshare iCareFone will be a good choice as it ia able to erase all the sensitive information on your device. When used regularly iCareFone ensures that there is very little or no sensitive or private information on your device. It will completely wipe all traces of the data.

Now you know how to tell if our mobile is being spied on and what you can do about it. Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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