The Best Mobile Spy Alternative in 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Alternative

Some applications are created for a different intent but are misused on a different ground. The worst kind of mistakes manifolds when the purpose of using the product changes to misusing them. While, these products falls apart from the benchmark they make. But hell breaks loose, when their security protection fails to shield the users. Thus, it becomes too difficult to chart down which one is the most reliable one. So, to lessen the burden of wandering, we've come down with a great application that has a proven base of happy customers for mobile spying the data types hassle free. So, unveil the application now!

What is Mobile Spy App?

mobile spy

The Mobile Spy App is one of the monitoring applications, used for keeping track on the activities of the target device. Designed as the simple, user-friendly monitoring software, the Mobile Spy app can simply derive out the best of the contents with much ease. You get access to the web browsing of the monitored device, the media files saved in the form of audio/video, tracking the GPS Location and a lot more on your smartphone.

Main Features

  • Get regular alerts when the target device uses profane language.
  • It offers online control panel for viewing the minutest details circiling around the monitored device.
  • You can fetch the information of the SIM in use of the device you track.
  • Allows you to maintain the logs of the data available in the monitored device on your mailbox.


Basic – $49.97/3 months, $69.97/6 months and $99.97/year

Premium – $64.97/3 months, $89.97/6 months and $139.97/year

The Problem with Mobile Spy App

The Mobile Spy app is the child software of the Retina-X Studios that has slammed its services as it became the soft target of the hackers who unethically tried to surpass the details of many users, invading their privacy without having the consent to do so. This continued for some time and spread like a parasite. Accordingly, the customers lodged complaints and Retina-X Studios has to firmly resolute to solve the problem. Which is why, they are sooner or later halting its child products including MobileSpy along with PhoneSheriff, Teenshield, SniperSpy etc. This has resulted in discontinuation of the services in the Mobile Spy App for Apple, Blackberry models. Most likely, the Retina-X Studios may further strengthen its strict policy and completely shut down the application until they resolve the problem altogether.

The Best Mobile Spy Alternative - Spyera


The ultimate way of surpassing activities circling in the target device can be resorted by Spyera. With this undetectable software, user can enjoy the liberty to overview the minutest details circling around the monitored device. The data types it supports ranges from calls, GPS Locations, notes, media files, to name a few. You can even view the details in a detailed account and capture screenshot of the data remotely from your device. Most importantly, it swiftly works down with the Android/iOS operating systems and latest models. Users, even get the privilege of remotely block any inappropriate application that you do not find morally right, can be deleted easily.

What can Spyera Monitor?

Now, that you are well versed with the whereabouts of Spyera application, you must acquaint yourself with what all features you can derive out from Spyera. The wide data types it offers ranges from GPS tracking, VoIP calling, viewing emails, recording phone calls, monitoring the websites accessed by the monitored device. You can even view the detailed deleted text messages and capture screen records.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Below is the comprehensive guide, useful in mobile spying the desired device with Spyera's ultra-technology.

Step 1- Creating Spyera Account

In order to process the mobile spy, the first step would be to sign up for a Spyera's account. Ensure, to give the email correctly as you would receive the future mails there. Soon after signing up, get yourself subscribed with Spyera's services.

Step 2- Download Spyera in the Target Device

Now, head on to your mailbox, where you will receive a private download URL. Now, carefully grab the target device and visit the web browser in-use. Simply, paste the 'download URL' there which will prompt to downloading process automatically. This way, the undetectable Spyera application will be installed in the device.


Step 3- Commence Monitoring

After activating the application over the target device, just revert back to your personal computer. Open the Spyera's dashboard and get started with monitoring the desired data types. That's about it. You can now conveniently spy the desired device whenever you want to.


In this article, we've carefully scrutinized and compared two mobile spying applications that are designed to spy the phone, while the Mobile Spy does have commendable features but due to the latest hacking prone activities, it has lost the grip of power it had a while back. This has directly resulted in the working of the application and discontinued their working for some of the applications. Whereas, Spyera is one of the ultimate solutions that has a good range of features useful in monitoring the target device without incurring any hassles. Once can reliably place their trust over Spyera for its creditability to give users a pleasant experience of monitoring.