Best Alternative of TruthSpy

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-04-15 / Update for  Alternative

Have you witnessed advertisements of Truth Spy claiming it is the only best spy application made till date? That would have left an indelible remark on you for that spy app. But, before falling prey to such lurking advertisements, you must have the in-depth knowledge about the product you should trust. And, in this article, we will be giving you our genuine opinions of TruthSpy and compare it with one of the best Spy app and accordingly, you can craft your own conclusion and purchase, whatever suits you best.

spyera for all device

Part 1: Overview of TruthSpy

TruthSpy, TruthSpy, TruthSpy, does it truly spy on the phone you desire? Or merely claims to be a standout application? Well, for that we need to understand what all does it offers? So what is TruthSpy? In essential terms, TruthSpy is a spy application, designed to remotely monitor the desired device. You can simply view the detailed account of the essential data types like GPS locations, audio, videos and other essential data types. It easily works down with the Android/iOS operating systems without having to undergo any complications.

Main Features:

  • TruthSpy’s KeyLogger feature allows users to remotely capture PINS/Password used in the target device.
  • This monitoring software has the provision of letting the users view a variety of multimedia files saved in the phone you are spying.
  • TruthSpy’s good feature is that it gives you the power of recording the calls and its surrounding in a much clearer way.

Supported Devices:

Well! It becomes essential to know what type of operating systems it can work for. So, getting direct to the point, the TruthSpy can support Android phones and iPhones.


  • TruthSpy has this amazing feature of recording the incoming/outgoing calls made on monitored device.
  • Notifies users with text or messages, if the program encounters target device feeds in any new number.


  • Reportedly, it failed to give the accurate results of locations of the monitored device.
  • It is very high on the price font for the services it renders.
  • TruthSpy software is not compatible with the Blackberry, Symbian models.
  • Users may not be able to get a good call recording experience.

Part 2: Best TruthSpy Alternative--Spyera

Spyera is one of the impeccable monitoring software, designed to give accurate detailing of the data types available in the target device. So, name any data type and its in-depth information will roll out in front of you, without the user getting to know they are trapped in the spying net. With Spyera, you can clearly view call logs, message threads, detailing of locations and most importantly a full-fledged insight of the popular social networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and even Tinder(if installed).Moreover, it supports a wide spectrum of Operating systems, ranging from Android, iOS to Blackberry and Symbian models.

Main features:

  • Performs real-time analytics to check how many times your name is being used in SMS/email or in any conversation in the target device.
  • Spyera’s gives users the leverage of remotely modifying application’s settings of the monitored device right from your phone.
  • One can even gain the full-fledged insight on the web pages searched, used or saved as bookmarks on the target device.
  • The program shows accurate results of GPS location and the locations travelled by the person you are spying.
  • Spyera has a very simple, user-friendly interface with easy installation process.
  • Moreover, it is completely safe to use.


  • Spyera’s exclusive quality is that the user can have good track on the VOIP calling made on the target device.
  • If any future update comes up, one easily update Spyera’s application present in the target phone in just a click made from your device.
  • Unlike in TruthSpy, Spyera gives users to easily work in stealth mode, i.e., the person being monitored, will not get an inch of inkling of you spying them.
  • Spyera give you the liberty to remove any traces of the installation from the target device.




In this article, we have given an extensive study between two spy applications – Spyera, TruthSpy. While, TruthSpy is one of the talked about software that lets the user surpass essential data types available on the phone you are spying but the loopholes are also there. Whereas, Spyera tops in its excellent and advanced features that goes down well with the frame of an ideal spy app. Moreover, this is undetectable software which works out in a stealth mode. Which is why, we are casting our vote to Spyera. We hope you too. Do not forget to comment below!