3 Ways to Fix Apple TV Notifications on Mac Catalina

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2019-12-19 / Update for  Mac OS

“Apple TV app on my MacBook and on my phone shows a notification, but I can't find out what the notification is for.”
“I just got the new MacBook Pro 13 inch and my Apple TV app shows a badge. I went to the notification settings and the app isn't listed. How do I fix this? I've looked all through the app and googled the question. So far nothing.”

Apple TV App notification won’t go away on Mac Catalina, even Apple TV app icon is continuously showing count, which really infuriates many fans of Mac.

apple tv show notification icon

Part 1: Why Apple TV Push Notifications Catalina with Red Circle

Many users are confused with the new Apple TV icon consistently pushing notifications. It was down to the streaming video subscription service. Once you buy a new iPhone 11/11 Pro, iPad, iPod touch or Mac started at the beginning of September 2019, you sign in to the same Apple ID related to devices you use. That means all of your device will automatically subscribe one-year free Apple TV service. As we see that the red circle appears on the upper right called notification or badge for reminding users “Hi, I’m here, look at me!”.

Traditionally, the red circle can be a good tip if you are the person who is infatuated with the dramas or TV series. However, if you are not that and only an OCD, you must distaste the settings in your Mac. So, Read the part 2 to find the solution fixing it.

Part 2: 3 Ways to Fix Apple TV Notifications Won't Go Away

Here, we offer 3 ways to help you deal with Apple TV notifications won’t go away.

Way 1: Try to Turn off Apple TV Notifications from Notification Center

Mac OS has its exclusive settings, especially in terms of notification center. In this feature, you can enable or disable all application notification, follow the next steps to prohibit the notification of Apple TV.

On your Mac:

  • Click the Apple Menu
  • Choose System Preferences
  • Go to Notifications

After done these steps, you find the Apple TV icon on the left-column. Then, slide to “Allow Notifications from TV” button and turn it off. You won’t receive the notifications any more.

Way 2: How to Block or Remove Apple TV App Notifications in the Dock

Some users said the first way they tried worked but it in the dock of Mac which will show in another form - red circle badge appears on the top-right. That seems you should fix Apple TV App notifications in the Dock, therefore the following steps were required.

In the dock:

Restart the dock: The red circle badge occurs owning to the Dock issues. You can Restart the dock in the next approache.

Using Terminal and paste the commands in the Terminal window: kill all dock

kill all dock

Remove the Apple TV app: You can remove Apple TV app and then add it once more.

Here is how to remove the Apple TV from the dock: Move your mouse to Apple TV app in the dock then right-clicking > Select “Options” > Hit “Remove From Dock”.

remove from dock

How to add Apple TV again:

Launch the app you want to add to the Dock, and you can see the app appear in the Dock, just right click and go for Options > Keep in Dock.

Way 3: Get rid of Apple TV App Badge on Mac through Apple TV App

The last solution we would like to recommend is that get rid of Apple TV app badge on mac through Apple TV app. Carefully think about what causes this scenario happened? Since the users accepting to the one-year free Apple TV trail, the notification arose the problem.

Effectively Fix:

Switch on Apple TV on you Mac > Go to “Watch Now” bar > then Scroll down “How to Watch” section > Here you are supposed to select either “Agree to the terms” or “Not now”.

watch now

Using this way can definitely clear Apple TV notifications permanently.

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    save recovered files


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