How to Fix Apple TV Download Error 9813/3150/8012

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Apple TV Repair

"Q: Anyone solved download error 3150?
Movie stopped halfway through with download error 3150 being the reason, I have reset settings and turned on and off the Apple TV and also checked for new software but no joy, can anyone help?"

Now Apple TV is becoming even popular among iOS users, it brings convenience to users who have the needs to view programs in their TV or iOS devices. However, there are also lots of problems may happen. If you are having the same problems as the above user that meets Apple TV download error, and have no idea to fix your Apple TV download error, then this article may give you a hand.

Solution 1: Check the Internet Environment for Apple TV

In fact, when Apple TV has trouble in downloading, the problem may sometimes lay on the network. If the Wi-Fi network is not available, there would be Apple TV Wi-Fi error or Apple TV network error exist.

The first step for you to do is to check the internet you use, you may take other devices to check whether you can connect to internet or not.

Solution 2: Factory Reset Apple TV to Fix Download Error

In some cases, a reset operation can fix most of the digital device problems. For user who cannot judge where the problems occur, try to factory reset Apple TV can be a good choice to solve Apple TV download errors.

Step 1: Use USB cable to connect Apple TV with Mac.

Step 2: Run iTunes and click "Restore" option.

apple tv restore

Step 3: Follow the instructions to get your Apple TV reset and wait for it reboot.

Solution 3: Use ReiBoot to Fix Apple TV Download Error 9813/3150/8012

If you have checked the network environment and reset your Apple TV but fail to normally download. Here we suggest you to try some professional ways to fix your Apple TV. Tenorshare ReiBoot, an all-in-one tool which can help to fix all kind of iOS stuck problems for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple TV and other iOS devices.

Step 1: Download and launch the program on your PC/Mac, and connect your Apple TV with computer.

enter recovery mode

Step 2: This software will automatically detect your Apple TV, and you will see "Enter Recovery Mode" button highlight, click it.

Step 3: After your Apple TV has successfully get into recovery mode, you now can click "Exit Recovery Mode" to reboot the device.

exit recovery mode apple tv

Step 4: When your Apple TV restart again, you can use it to check the download statement.

Video Guide to Fix Apple TV Download Errors

After trying these three solutions, you probably have fixed your Apple TV download error. But for users who cannot get Apple TV back to normal through fix software settings, we suggest you to contact Apple store to check the hardware of your devices. Hope you can solve your problems with our guide!

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