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3 Ways to Unlock iPhone Backup Password Never Set

Jan. 25, 2017 9:51 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iTunes Backup Unlocker
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“I backed up my iPhone 6 Plus on Mac and deleted all settings after my iPhone 7 Plus arrived. I connect my new phone to iMac so I could put the backup on it. Then iTunes asked for the password to restore my new phone with backup form my iPhone 6 Plus. Anyone knows how to unlock backup password in iTunes that never set?”

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People use iTunes passcode to protect their backup information from spying or stealing. But recently, many users have complained in the Apple Discussion that iTunes asked for a password that they never set when restoring from the backup. Thus, they cannot access the backup files or perform any operation. To help people unlock iPhone backup files and extract data easily, iPhone Backup Unlocker can be the first choice. Free download this amazing software to remove iTunes backup encryption password within seconds.

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Method 1: Try the Password You Know to Unlock iPhone Backup File

Decrypt iPhone backup with known password is the first thought when facing this issue. Sometimes you can just access to the backup files on iTunes with iTunes Store password. If that fails to work, consider your Apple ID password or Windows administrator password. In case you have no luck, search for the password used to encrypt the backup in user's keychain.

Method 2: Decrypt iTunes Backup Password on Another Computer

If you still cannot access to iTunes backups after trying all the possible passcodes, you can just use another computer to unlock iPhone backup and restore instead.

Method 3: Crack iPhone Backup Password with Professional Software

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a professional computer-based software that making it easier to crack iPhone backup password on both Mac and Windows, here’s how it works:

By far, you’ve successfully unlocked iPhone backup password in iTunes successfully. iPhone Backup Unlocker really did a great job in cracking iTunes backup password, doesn’t it?

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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