How to Check If iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card? Fix It Now

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-14 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

I wanna buy a second hand iPhone recently, and my friends suggest me getting an iPhone that is unlocked. But the question is, how to see if iPhone is unlocked without SIM?

It is a cost-effective choice to purchase a second hand iPhone. It can let you have a good device at a low price. But before you buy it, you need to make sure that the old iPhone is unlocked. So how do you know if the device is unlocked or not? In this guide, we will share with you how to check if an iPhone is unlocked without a SIM card and tell you how to solve it if iPhone is locked?

Part 1: Why My iPhone is Locked by Carrier?

By default, if you buy an iPhone from Apple Store at full cost, it is unlocked usually. However, if you purchase it from a network, the carrier may lock your iPhone so that you can only use the carrier's SIM card for the duration of the contract(24 months is common). Of course, when the owner finished the contract, the iPhone will be unlocked.

It's very important to unlock the iPhone. If your iPhone is locked, you can only use a specific carrier. If not locked, you can choose to use any signal carrier you want. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card.

Part 2: How to Tell If an iPhone is Unlocked without a SIM Card?

When you buy a second-hand iPhone, how to tell if iPhone is unlocked without SIM? Take a look at the three solutions below.

Way 1: How to See If iPhone is Unlocked without SIM in Settings

You can check if an iPhone is locked or unlocked through “Settings”, it is generally considered as the simplest method. You can follow the steps below:

  • Unlock your iPhone and tap on "Settings".
  • Click on “Cellular” after opening the “Settings”.
  • In this menu you can find the “Cellular Data Network”. If you see an option for it, your iPhone is most likely unlocked. Besides, if this option is unavailable in your device then your phone is locked.

    how to check if iPhone 5 is unlocked without sim card

Way 2: How to Test If iPhone is Unlocked without a SIM with IMEI

If you know your IMEI, you can use many IMEI checking tools online. For example, WipeLock iPhone Carrier Checker,, DirectUnlocks and so on, I will only introduce the using steps of one of them. You can make sure whether your iPhone is unlocked or not via IMEI. And WipeLock iPhone Carrier Checker is one of the most popular online checker, but it isn’t free, you have to pay a small fee for it. Here is how to use it.

  • Open the internet browser and enter the page of WipeLock iPhone Carrier Checker.
  • Tap on “Submit IMEI”, then enter IMEI number of your iPhone.(You can find the IMEI number at the back of your device.)
  • Please pay for it. After that, you will receive an email telling you whether your iPhone is unlocked. The results are similar as follows:

    how to check if iPhone 6 is unlocked without sim card

Way 3: How to Verify If iPhone is Unlocked without SIM Card by Contacting Support

If your problem is still unsolved, perhaps you can try to contact carrier’s support. You can find their contact information on the carrier's website or in the signed contract. Then call them and they will answer your questions. There are several main carriers’ contacts, if your carrier is one of them, you can call them.

  • Verizon: 1-888-878-9188
  • T-Mobile: 1-800-937-8997
  • Sprint: 1-888-226-8-212
  • AT&T: 1-888-873-8808

But please note that they will ask you a lot about the contract.They may require you to provide some security information since the contract is a legally binding document. This process will take some time, and the carrier may give you feedback in a few days.

Part 3: How to do If iPhone is Locked?

But if your iPhone is locked and you want to access necessary data or apps, how to do? Here we provide you two solutions to help you.

Solution 1: Using Professional Tool to Unlock iPhone(for iCloud Locked iPhone)

There is a great tool to help you to unlock your iPhone called Tenorshare 4MeKey. When your iPhone is locked by iCloud, it can help you unlock it. It also helps you activate your iPhone when you forget your apple ID. Anyway, it’s absolutely a good tool. If you want to unlock your iPhone, please follow the guide below:

  • You should download and install Tenorshare 4MeKey first.

    how to unlock an iPhone without sim card
  • Please connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

    how to unlock an iPhone without a sim card
  • Then, download the jailbreak tool. After downloading, click "start jailbreak". If you're a Mac user, you can refer to this detailed guide. can you unlock an iPhone without a sim card

  • In order to add the correct function to your iPhone, you should confirm your device details. Then tap on “Start Remove” to unlock your device.

    how to find if an iPhone is unlocked without sim

After a few minutes, you can use your iPhone freely.


Although it is a useful tool, you need to know that it’s not free. It support iOS devices from iPhone 5S to iPhone X.

Solution 2: Unlock iPhone with DirectUnlocks(for Carrier Locked iPhone)

If through the several ways above, you find your iPhone is locked by carrier. There is a tool called DirectUnlocks you can use to remove the iPhone lock. Follow these steps to unlock the iPhone.

  • Launch an internet browser and enter into DirectUnlocks iPhone Unlock.
  • Please select your iPhone model, country and carrier network.

    how to check if my iPhone is unlocked without a sim card
  • Type in the IMEI of your iPhone. If you don’t know the IMEI number of the device, please call *#06#.
  • Click on “Continue” button and then pay for it. In a few days, your order will be processed by processed. And you’ll receive an email alerting you that the unlock was successful!


  • It will cost a few days to deal with your order, so you need to wait.
  • You need to pay a lot for it, but it doesn’t have 100% success rate.


Through reading, I trust you are clear about how to know if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card and what to do when your iPhone is locked. But if your iPhone is locked, I sincerely recommend Tenorshare 4MeKey( for iCloud Locked iPhone) to you. It is the quickest way to help you. Choosing it, and you won’t regret it.

FAQ about Carrier Locked iPhone

Q1: How do I tell which carrier my iPhone is on if there is no SIM card?

Tap on the “Settings” on the iPhone and choose ‘General’ and then go to “About”. Scroll down to find the Carrier, then you can find what you want.

Q2: Will both the SIM card slot and the eSIM be carrier locked for a locked iPhone?

Regardless if it is eSIM or SIM card type of phone, both of them will be locked. The carrier network will not allow the phone to be used on any different network except its own.