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[2024 New] How Much to Unlock iPhone

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-01-05 / Update for  Unlock iPhone

Once you have purchased a new iPhone or bought a used one, you may think that you can immediately start using it normally. Well, this is not entirely true in all cases. Some certain network carriers may put a lock on your iPhone and inhibit you from using it normally. When the lock is there on your iPhone, it may not be working normally when it is connected to the network, which has put the lock.

Even if you change the network carrier, you won’t be able to unlock the iPhone and use it. Don’t worry! There are a few ways in which you can unlock such an iPhone. You may wonder how much to unlock iPhone. This article will details all the necessary information regarding iPhone unlock.

Part 1: How Much to Unlock iPhone from Carriers Directly

You can directly use the network carrier on your iPhone to unlock it. Here are some more details about this. Wondering how much to unlock iPhone 6 this way? It is actually free to unlock eligible iPhones.

1. What is An Eligible Phone?

If you have an iPhone that is postpaid, it can be eligible for unlocking through a carrier if and only when you have completed and fulfilled the pointers given on the applicable service contract and also completed the installment plan for the device or made the payment of an early termination fee. If you are thinking how much is it to unlock an iPhone 6 using this method, as mentioned above, it is completely free for the eligible iPhones.

2. What You Need to Unlock iPhone?

After knowing how much does it cost to unlock an iPhone 6 using this method, let us know the requirement for using such a method. The requirement for unlocking an iPhone on different network carriers is different. Here are a few of the majorly used network carriers on iPhone and their requirements for unlocking the iPhone.

  • AT&T: You will have to prove that all the bills have been paid, and the device has been purchased by you. Even after you provide these details, this network carrier company has the right to deny any kind of iPhone unlock request.
  • Sprint: You will have to prove that the iPhone has been used on this network for a minimum of 50 days, made the purchase of your iPhone in full, and paid all the bills. Also, you need to make sure that the iPhone which you need to unlock has not been reported as being stolen or lost. If, in case the iPhone model you have is older than 2015, Sprint does not provide any services to help you out.
  • Verizon: Getting your iPhone unlocked when it is on the Verizon network is pretty easy. All you have to do is prove that you have paid in full for the device, and your 4G LTE iPhone would be unlocked.
  • T-Mobile: For this network, you need to prove that your iPhone has been used on this network for a minimum of 40 days. You also need to give proof that you bought the iPhone and paid all the necessary bills.

Thinking about how much to unlock iPhone 6 plus on any of the above carriers? It is free if you satisfy the above-mentioned requirement.

Part 2: How Much to Unlock iPhone Using IMEI Unlocking Service?

There are a few iPhone unlock services available online that use the IMEI number of your iPhone to unlock them. Here are a few of the most popular sites where you can try this out. Are you thinking about how much it cost to unlock iPhone 6? The details regarding this is given in each of the sections below.

Service 1: iPhoneimei.net

Thinking about how much to get iPhone unlocked using this online service? It starts at $28 and takes around 1-5 days for the unlock.

iphoneimei service
Pic. iphoneimei service

Unlocking your iPhone with this online service is pretty simple and straightforward. All you need to do is visit www.iphoneimei.net, key in your iPhone’s IMEI number, and the rest will be handled by the online company. This is one of the best sites to try when you are trying to unlock your iPhone. The waiting period for the unlock from this site depends on the network carrier in your iPhone and also your location. You can try their service if you are in the UK, US, Canada, or any other country in the world.

Service 2: Officialiphoneunlock

Wondering about how much is to unlock iPhone 6 using this service? It starts from £19.99 and takes about 1-2 days to unlock iPhone.

officialiphoneunlock service
Pic. officialiphoneunlock service

This online service is similar to that of the first service mentioned above. However, the range of coverage of this service is much larger, covering most of Asia and Europe. You can access this service by visiting www.officialiphoneunlock.uk. The cost to unlock iPhone using this service online is pretty high, and you may also incur additional charges when you are paying in any other currency other than British Pounds.

Service 3: Iphoneunlock.zone

Thinking about how much cost to unlock iPhone 6 using this online site? You need to answer a few questions: IS the network/SIM locked, does it have other issues, what is the status of iCloud on your iPhone. After answering this, you will be emailed the prices for their service.

iphoneunlock zone
Pic. iphoneunlock zone

This is one of the most effective sites to get your iPhone unlocked. You can www.iphoneunlock.zone for trying out this service. They offer a great customer support, free consultations, and refund. The payment can be made from any part of the world using PayPal.

Service 4: Doctorsim

Wondering about how much it cost to unlock iPhone 6 Plus using this online service? It will cost you around $14.95 for the standard service of ATT and takes around 14 hours for the unlock.

doctorsim service
Pic. doctorsim service

This site is almost similar to all the other sites mentioned above. You just have to www.doctorsim.com and input the IMEI number of your iPhone. Once this is submitted, the online service will work on unlocking your iPhone and provide satisfactory results within the next 14 hours.

Service 5: Imeicodes

Wondering about the price to unlock iPhone 6 using this service? They charge around £30 for Apple iPhone replacement unlock using IMEI and take around 1-3 working days for the unlock.

If none of the above sites work, as a last resort, you can turn to this site for help regarding the unlock of your iPhone. They do not cover as many services as the other internet service providers mentioned above. However, it still manages to provide a few basic ones at a moderate price to unlock iPhone. You can navigate to www.imeicodes.co.uk for utilising this service. They also have an email support team where all your queries regarding their services are answered.

Part 3: How Much to Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode and Apple ID?

Instead of trying out the iPhone unlock services mentioned above, you can straightaway opt for the most sensible choice for unlocking your iPhone. Tenorshare 4uKeyis the best option when it comes to unlocking your iPhone. It offers a free trial that you can use and gauge the tool for yourself.

After the trial, it charges a very low iPhone unlock cost when compared to the other iPhone unlock services offered online. Not just the iPhone unlock, but it also provides several additional features that can be greatly useful for you if you are using an iPhone. Here are a few features that are included in this tool that come at a reasonable cost to unlock iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Bypass the screen lock passcodes on iPhone or iPad.
  • Remove any Touch ID or Face ID from iPhone or iPad.
  • Bypass the MDM screen and remove screen time password.
  • Remove Apple ID without the need for the password.
  • Fully Compatible with the latest iOS 14.6/iPadOS 14.6 and iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro(Max)

With such a great list of features, Tenorshare 4uKey is a sensible investment when you own an iPhone or an iPad. In the scenario being discussed in this article, you can use this tool in the following way to unlock an iPhone.

  • After installing the program on your system, click on "Start" from the main interface.

    unlock screen passcode
    Pic. Unlock screen passcode
  • Connect your iPhone to your system with the help of a USB cable and click on “Start”.

    connect ipad
    Pic. Connect iPad
  • Download the latest firmware package by clicking on “Download”.

    firmware package
    Pic. Firmware package
  • Click on “Start to Remove,” and the screen passcode will be removed within the next few minutes.

    download firmware successfully
    Pic. Start Unlock


Not only is this method very easy, but it also takes very less time. Now you have a clear idea about how much to unlock iPhone either from carries directly or using iPhone unlock service. And when it comes to unlock iPhone screen passcode, I highly recommend you try Tenorshare 4uKey, which will give you the best iPhone unlock service with a sensible price.

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