How to Factory Reset iPhone 15/14 without Password 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-11-22 / Update for  iPhone 14

Forgetting iPhone 15/14 passcode and then the need for resetting can happen. Although it takes your time, still you can factory reset and gain access to iPhone 15/14 again. To factory reset iPhone 15/14 without passcode, we shall go over 4 professional ways that work seamlessly.

Part 1: Will Factory Reset Erase iPhone 15/14

Factory reset means that you put your iPhone 14 to the original status. So yes, after factory reset, your iPhone 14 will be erased and all data, passcodes and settings will be deleted. It is better to create a backup before factory resetting iPhone if possible.

Part 2: How to Factory Reset iPhone 15/14 from Lock Screen

There is a way to factory reset iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max without passcode or iTunes or computer. From the iOS 15.2, iPhone can be erased on the lock screen with the requirement for Apple ID and password. It is the most direct and convenient way.

  • Enter the wrong passcodes for several times.
  • Keep doing that until your iPhone is on Unavailable/Security Lockout screen with Erase iPhone option in the right bottom corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it and tap again to confirm.
  • Then enter your Apple ID password to erase all data and factory reset the iPhone 14.

    how to reset iphone 14 passcode without computer

Part 3: 3 More Ways to Factory Reset iPhone 15/14 without Passcode

The previous method does not require you to have access to another device. However, if it does not work for whatever reason, then you can try one of the following three.

1. Use 4uKey

This is Tenorshare 4uKey that removes the screen lock and factory reset iPhone 14 without passcode too. All things done by a few clicks on the program.

  • Download, install and run 4uKey on your PC or Mac. Click on Start on the main interface to begin.

    how to factory reset an iphone 14 without password - tenorshare 4ukey
  • Connect your iPhone 15/14 to the computer. Then click on Next.

    connect device and start to unlock -  4ukey
  • Download the firmware package. The firmware may take some time to download.

    start to remove - tenorshare 4ukey
  • After the download has completed, click on Start to Remove to factory reset iPhone 15/14 without passcode.

    start to remove - tenorshare 4ukey
  • In a few minutes, along with passcode removal, the iPhone 14 will also be factory reset.

    remove passcode successfully tenorshare 4ukey

2. Via iTunes

To factory reset iPhone without passcode, you can also resort to iTunes, a software by Apple for iOS data backup and restoration. It can also reset iPhone to factory settings. Just follow the directions below.

  • Take your iPhone 14 and connect it with your computer and open iTunes.
  • Now if iTunes does not recognize youe iPhone 14, then enter into recovery mode.

    Press the volume up button quickly and then the volume down button. Press and hold the power button until you see the recovery mode screen.

    how to reset iphone 14 passcode via itunes
  • Now on your computer, you will see a message on iTunes saying that there is a problem. Click on Restore.

    how to reset iphone 14 passcode via itunes
  • After the process, your iPhone will restart and you can now set it up as when brand new.

3. With iCloud

Using iCloud’s Find iPhone service, one could factory reset iPhone 14 without passcode. Screen passcode could be forgotten but if you have Apple ID, you need not get worried. (Find My iPhone needs to be enabled on your iPhone.)

  • Open iCloud website on the browser, login and go to Find iPhone section.
  • Then click on All devices. Here, you will see all the devices that have been linked to this Apple ID.
  • Select the iPhone 14 and then click on Erase iPhone.

    how to factory reset iphone 14 without passcode
  • Enter the Apple ID password again to complete the process.


When you need to factory reset your iPhone 15/14, but forget the screen passcode, it is not the end. With the 4 methods explained in this article, you will learn how to factory reset iPhone 15/14 without password. And here we recommend using Tenorshare 4uKey.

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