Top 6 Ways to Fix iCloud Stuck on Signing in Loop

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-12-09 / Update for  iCloud Tips

My iPhone 13 won't give me anything but the iCloud sign in loop. Repeated attempts to enter an Apple ID password that works on my desktop are refused, and attempts to reset are answered with the original iCloud sign in screen. The phone is essentially not functional this way.”
signing in to icloud keeps asking for password

Some users reported the problem that iPhone stuck in sign in to iCloud popup loop even if entering a correct password, which is quite annoying as much of the functionality are restricted. In this case, we’ve listed 6 possible solutions on how to fix iCloud sign in loop for your reference.

Check System Status of the iCloud Services You Use

Before you start to fix iCloud login loop on your iPhone or iPad, it’s recommended to check whether iCloud services are working normally on iCloud Support (+no follow) websites and find check System Status option below. Make sure each item is ticked green especially for iCloud Account and services. If anything goes wrong, contact Apple Support (+no follow) team.

check icloud account and sign in status

Way 1: Sign out iCloud Account and Log in Again

If you keep getting popup to sign into iCloud on iPhone/iPad, ignore the message and go to Settings App. 

On iOS 10.3 earlier devices, go to iCloud and tap on your Apple ID, then scroll down to the bottom of screen and select Sign Out. Enter your verification password and you will be prompted that all photos and iCloud Drive will also removed, so better to make a backup in advance.

On iOS 15/14/13/11/10.3 iPhone, iPad, tap your name in Settings and find Sign Out option under.

sign out icloud on iphon to fix sign in loop

After that, wait for a moment and relogin later. Hopefully you will bypass sign in to iCloud message loop.

Way 2: Hard Reset iOS Device Stuck on Sign in to iCloud Screen

Should signing out doesn’t work and iCloud keeps asking for password to login, try to perform a hard reset, or let’s say, enter recovery mode for simple troubleshooting.

Free Reiboot is able to put your stuck iPhone or iPad into Recovery mode within a click.


Way 3: Reset Apple ID Password Online

When your iPhone stuck in sign into iCloud, it will ask you to enter your Apple ID password and sometimes even if the password is correct, iCloud will not let you sign in. If you are in urgent demand, you might as well change the Apple ID password.

Go to Apple ID websites (+ no follow) and select “Forgot Apple ID or password”. Answer the questions to verify your account and change the old password to a new one. Then try to use the newly created password to sign in iCloud.

sign out icloud on iphon to fix sign in loop

Way 4: Reset Network Settings

Based on previous experiences, Wi-Fi or Cellular data sometimes could be the cause of sign in to iCloud endless loop on your device. Hence, to fix this iCloud stuck issue, you can consider resetting network settings.

Simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Note that this will erase your current cellular and WiFi network settings, WiFi password and VPN settings.

sign out icloud on iphon to fix sign in loop

Way 5: Restore from iTunes Backup

Just in case above solutions fail to fix iCloud login popup repeatedly on screen, there is another way to bypass iCloud sign in loop. That is to restore from iTunes backup. To do this:

  • Connect your stuck iPhone or iPad with iTunes and click the device icon when detected.
  • Click Summary and locate Restore Backup. Click it and select the latest backup files for recovery.
    sign out icloud on iphon to fix sign in loop

Note: If the backup has been made for a while, you will lose the data since your last backup. In this case, we highly recommend you to try the best iPhone data recovery software Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to get back all the lost photos, contacts, videos, messages and more.

Way 6: Reset Your Devices as New

The last resort on how to stop iCloud sign in loop is to reset your device to factory settings, which will bring you to the initial iCloud login screen. It may sound radical but some users succeeded in this way.

You can either choose to factory reset your device on General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings or use iTunes Restore feature.

Alternatively, Tenorshare ReiBoot also provide you a quick solution to reset iPhone or iPad without iTunes.

sign out icloud on iphon to fix sign in loop

After that, you will need to setup and activate your iPhone, iPad and when it comes to the iCloud sign in screen, you should be able to get past it successfully. Note that all data will disappear when you enter the system, don’t forget to use iPhone Data Recovery to recover the lost documents and data.


Here is the end of today’s sharing. Now you have no problems with how to stop and fix iPhone stuck in sign in to iCloud popup loop.

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