[Solved] iPhone Won't Restore in Recovery Mode: 2024 Fix

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-04-24 / Update for  iPhone Fix

Fixing the issue can be challenging when your iPhone won't restore in recovery mode, iTunes doesn't recognize your device, or errors arise during the restoration process, especially if you're uncertain about the underlying cause. Fortunately, there are alternative methods to restore your iPhone successfully in recovery mode, aside from using iTunes.

Part 1: Why Can't I Restore My iPhone in Recovery Mode?

Restoring your iPhone in recovery mode is a crucial troubleshooting step when your device encounters significant software issues or fails to boot normally. However, several factors could result iPhone won't restore in recovery mode. Let's explore some common reasons:

  • Software Compatibility: Ensure that your computer's operating system is compatible with the version of iTunes or Finder required to restore your iPhone.
  • Hardware Issues: Faulty cables, damaged ports, or hardware malfunctions can hinder the connection between your iPhone and computer during the restoration process.
  • Insufficient Battery: Ensure that your iPhone has enough battery charge to complete the restoration process. If the battery is critically low, the device might not enter recovery mode or sustain the connection with your computer.
  • Network Connectivity: A stable internet connection is necessary for downloading the required firmware during the restoration process. Check your network connection to ensure it's not interrupted.
  • Corrupted Firmware: If the firmware on your iPhone is corrupted or damaged, it might prevent successful restoration attempts. In such cases, manually downloading the firmware or seeking assistance from Apple support might be necessary.
  • Security Software Interference: Antivirus or firewall software on your computer might interfere with the restoration process. Temporarily disable any security software before attempting to restore your iPhone.

Part 2: The Best Way to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode and Won't Restore

iPhone stuck in recovery mode won't restore? If you ever face any issues with iTunes, then your first go-to restore iPhone in recovery mode without iTunes. ReiBoot – iOS Repair Tool is such a program that you can use to fix iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6 won't restore in recovery mode without iTunes, no data loss at all. It allows you to enter or exit recovery mode with just one click, offering a seamless solution.

No matter getting “Unknown Error Occurred” when you try to restore with iTunes or iTunes stuck on waiting for iPhone in recovery mode, it offers the ability to quickly and easily fix a number of issues on your iPhone and iPad by repair the core system. If you would like to give it a go to fix the issue, the following shows how to do it.

  • Download and install the latest version of the software on your computer. Plug-in your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Open the software and click on the one that says Start Repair and continue.

    iPhone won't restore
  • Click on the Standard Repair button on the following screen.

    iphone won't restore
  • It will ask you to download the firmware for your iPhone. You can click on the Download button to do it.

    iPhone stuck in recovery mode wont restore
  • Soon as the firmware is downloaded, the software will automatically start repairing your device. When the repair process is completed, the following message will appear on your screen.

    iPhone stuck in recovery mode and wont restore
  • Your iPhone should now be restored and it should have no issues whatsoever on it. In this way, you easily solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode and won't restore (also for other iPhone models.).

Part 3: Other Possible Fixes to iPhone Won't Restore in Recovery Mode

In case you are a technical user who would like to dig deep down and fix the iPhone won't restore issue, you can try some of the following fixes and see if they fix the actual problem for you. To learn how to fix iPhone in recovery mode won't restore, refer to the guide provided below and save time by watching the accompanying video.

1. Use the Original USB

When you connect your iPhone to your computer, you are highly recommended to use the original Apple USB cable. Any fake or cheap cables from the market are not recommended at all to be used with your device.

2. Use A Different USB Port or Computer

There may be an issue with the USB port on your computer. In that case, it is best you switch the port and see if the other one works for you.

3. Update iTunes to the Latest Version

Most users forget basic things like updating their apps to the latest versions available. If you are using a really old version of iTunes, you should update it first with the latest version and then try to restore your device.

iPhone won't restore
Pic. Update itunes to fix iphone wont restore in recovery mode

In most cases, updating to the latest version fixes the iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode and wont restore problem for you.

4. Remove Security Software Temporarily

If you have an antivirus or anti-malware software on your computer, it is recommended you turn it off when you are restoring your iPhone with iTunes. Software like these often detect your iPhone and some of the iTunes' actions as malicious, and as a result, those actions are blocked.

Keeping these software disabled while you restore your iPhone should fix the iPhone stuck in recovery mode wont restore issue for you.

5. DFU Restore Your iPhone (Data Loss)

While this method is not recommended as it causes data loss, you can use it as the final resort if nothing works for you. The DFU restoration process can be done using the iTunes app on your computer.

  • Connect the iPhone or another iOS device to a computer, then open iTunes.
  • Hold the Sleep/Power button and Home button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Sleep/Power button, but continue to hold the Home Button (or Volume down button on an iPhone 7 or newer) for 5 seconds.
  • If the device screen is black, it's in DFU Mode. If iTunes recognizes that the iPhone is connected, you're ready to restore your device.

    dfu mode to fix iphone in recovery mode and won't restore

That should fix the iPhone wont restore in recovery mode issue for you on your device but you need to note that DFU mode sometimes will cause extremely irreversible damage to your device.

Extra Tip: What If My iPhone Won't Go into Recovery Mode?

If you find yourself unable to put your iPhone into recovery mode, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Try Another Cable: Sometimes, a faulty or damaged lightning cable can make your iPhone won't go into recovery mode. Try using a different cable to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Use a Different Computer: If the problem persists, try connecting your iPhone to a different computer. This can help rule out any software or hardware issues with your original computer.
  • Force Restart iPhone: Occasionally, force restarting your iPhone can resolve software glitches that may be preventing it from entering recovery mode. The method for force restarting varies depending on your iPhone model, so be sure to look up the correct steps.
  • Update iTunes or Finder: Ensure that you're using the latest version of iTunes (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac) on your computer. Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues with your iPhone.

If none of the above steps work, it's possible that your iPhone may have a hardware issue that requires professional repair. Contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service provider for further assistance.

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Wrapping Up

In this article we have discussed the iPhone won't restore in recovery mode issue. If you are having the exact same issue, you are always welcome to check out alternative method – Tenorshare ReiBoot, as it should get the job done without an issue for you. Also, if you prefer using iTunes, you can try some of the fixes for it as well and see if it helps.