IMEI Check ATT? Check the Best Guide Here

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-17 / Update for  SIM Unlock

Hello Team. How are the summers going? Well, mine isn’t going all well. You see, I have lost my brand new iPhone and I’m in a bad mental state these days as I worked hard to buy it. I did not know about iPhone activation lock stuff so I’m lost at the moment. Is there any way I can trace my phone back? I have heard that the AT & T IMEI checker works great in such cases if you want to know about your IMEI. It will also help me find my lost phone. Please guide me about how I use it? I don't even know what the frick an IMEI does?”

Our summers are going epic, and we are sorry your new iPhone got lost. It sucks. We’re here for you and would do everything to help you find your phone back.

You asked about the IMEI check so let’s talk about it and tell you what an IMEI number is and how it will be valuable in searching for a lost iPhone.

Part 1. What Does an IMEI Number Do?

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. If you have bought a cellphone, then it comes with a 15-digit IMEI number. An IMEI number is helpful in many ways.

  • If you have bought a new phone, then the box of your handset will have a long IMEI number printed on it. Most new phones also carry the IMEI number information on their back for customers’ ease.
  • An IMEI number identifies whether the mobile device you have been using is valid or not. This number is in use by the service providers, and they verify it. 
  • Since the service providers can read the phone’s IMEI number, it can easily catch a stolen phone or recognize the thief. The number and phone will be shown on the blacklist to service providers if a complaint has been lodged against it.  
  • A blacklisted phone will then be unable to enjoy any perks from the service providers. 

There will be no allowed network coverage on them if the SIM card is replaced with another. Most newbie buyers do not know about this IMEI thing, and they often fall for fraudsters who loot them off a stolen phone. This article will tell them about IMEI numbers, how to check their status, and avoid buying a fraudulent phone.

Part 2. IMEI Check ATT? How Do I Find My AT&T IMEI?

You might wonder how a person like us can check the IMEI number of phones without basic knowledge about it. Well, IMEI checking is not that difficult, thanks to tools like the AT&T IMEI checker.

But let’s suppose that you neither have your iPhone’s box nor the IMEI number on its back. How will you then check the IMEI number?

Follow the ways mentioned below:

1. Dialing the Code:

If you do not have your phone’s IMEI number, dial *06# from your phone. Since IMEI is an internationally recognized number, it doesn’t matter which mobile you have, and it will provide you the IMEI number(s) for that particular phone.

2. Check inside Settings:

People often forget the codes. In that case, you can scroll through your device settings to search for the IMEI number of your device. If you’re using an iPhone, then:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap on About.
  • Look for the 15-digit IMEI number.

    imei number iphone

3. AT&T IMEI Number Checker:

If you don’t want to use any complicated ways to check your IMEI number, then you can download the AT&T IMEI checker tool and find your IMEI number within a matter of seconds. It will provide you your Serial number, Activation ID, Find my iPhone status, blocked and unblocked status.

Part 3. How Do I Check AT&T IMEI Status?

There are many tools to check IMEI AT&T Blacklist, iPhone activation lock, and other details will be shown when we insert the IMEI number. You can use the AT&T IMEI check tool to check the status.

AT&T IMEI Checker: This professional AT&T IMEI check unlocks your phone and informs you about your iPhone’s status. The results will be 100% correct. You can easily verify if your device is iCloud locked, reposted, lost, or even which carrier it was initially using.

Part 4: Can I Unlock AT&T IMEI Locked Phone?

Yes, there are many AT&T blacklist removal services that you can avail of to remove your IMEI-locked phone. The AT&T IMEI checker will also factory unlock your AT&T device. After the activation, you are free to use your device with a non- AT&T SIM card and anywhere outside the US. The procedure takes about three to 24 hours to unlock your IMEI, and then you can use your iPhone with any SIM card.

You May Wonder: How to Bypass Activation Lock without IMEI Number?

Let’s suppose you want to bypass your activation lock without any wait for IMEI number activation tools. These tools can take longer, too, with complicated procedures.

There is another tool named Tenorshare 4MeKey that is perfect for bypassing the activation lock from the iPhone. Here’s how:

  • Get the Tenorshare 4MeKey on your PC or Mac. Launch 4MeKey and select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock.” Read the instructions before jailbreaking and connect your iPhone.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 1
  • 4MeKey will download the tool and start jailbreaking your device.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 2
  • After you've jailbroken the device, please confirm your device information and

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 3
  • Finally, your device iCloud activation lock will be removed successfully. Don't reset or restart your iPhone or iPad, or it will be locked again.

    tenorshare 4mekey - step 4


If you’re unsure about your iPhone’s status, then check its IMEI through AT&T IMEI check. If it’s activation locked, use 4MeKey to remove it.