How to Create a System Repair Disk for Windows 7 to Fix Corrupted Disk

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-03-23 / Update for  Fix Windows

Windows 7 crashes or freezes and won't turn back on? It's really an awful situation. Actually, however, Microsoft has equipped "Create a System Repair Disk" in Windows 7. If you have created a repair disk before Windows 7 got corrupted, it will be very easy to boot into your corrupted computer. Just Go to "Start Menu - >All Programs - > Maintenance - > Create a System Repair Disc" to create one. But if you failed to do this, what can you do to create a Windows 7 repair disc? This article will show you an easy way to achieve this even when your PC can't boot.

1. What System Errors Can Windows 7 Repair Disk Work on?

Windows repair disk usually is able to fix various system issues including black screen, blue screen of death and frozen/crashed Windows.

Hard disk boot failure Invalid partition table
Operating system not found Error loading operating system
Black screen with no information NTLDR is missing or corrupted
Ntoskrnl.exe is missing is missing
BOOTMGR is missing NTFS.SYS is missing
Hal.dll is missing Corruption in the computer memory
Malware corrupts Registry confliction
Hardware or system confliction  

2. How to Create a System Repair Disc and Repair Crashed Windows 7?

The method presented here enables you to burn a bootable system disk to repair crashes or frozen Windows 7. Prepare a normally workable PC and blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive. Click the link below for Windows 7 repair disk download free and install it on the workable PC.

  • Step 1. Run the Windows 7 bootable program and insert the CD/DVD/USB you prepared into the workable PC.
  • Step 2. This software will locate the ISO file. Just click on "Burn" to create a Windows 7 repair disk USB or CD/DVD. using windows 7 repair disk
  • Step 3. Insert the newly-burned disk into the crashed Windows 7 and set BIOS to boot it the system repair disc.
  • Step 4. Then find the solutions from Solution Center according to the symptoms provided in each type. using windows 7 repair disk

When the burning completes, you can use this newly burnt bootable disk to boot computer from burned CD/DVD.

Tips: In view of your data, security, you are highly recommended to back up your Windows 7. Go to "Function Center" and choose "Windows Backup".

At least two solutions are provided in each category. You can use any of them to fix your Windows system boot issue.

All right! Here are all details about creating and using Windows 7 repair disk to fix corrupted or frozen Windows. This way is not only compatible with Windows 7, but also Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.