Recover Unsaved/Deleted Powerpoint Mac with 4 Ways

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-11-13 / Update for  Mac Data

Here comes the question: I have a powerpoint and didn't save becuase of a sudden power cut, can I recover it or how to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 8?

Part 1: Can You Recover a Powerpoint You Didn't Save?

There are greater chances of recovering PowerPoint file you didn’t save. Many people have recovered PowerPoint files not saved mac. So ,you can also achieve recovery.

Maybe you’re even concerned about the cause of this situation, it’s important to note that this issue is caused by many factors.

  • Malware: There are strains of Windows-specific malware. If your system is infected by anyone of them, you will lose all your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion can also be the reason for the lost file. If you notice in time, you should still be able to recover it when you follow the recommendations on this page.
  • Formatting: Formatting a storage device can wipe out all gigabytes worth of on your system. Those files can be recovered with the help of data recovery software. You will learn how to do that in the later part of this article.
  • Application Conflicts: The latest version of PowerPoint comes with a useful feature called AutoSave, which does exactly what the name suggests. However, If that feature conflict with another application installed on your Mac, you will lose your file.

Check the next part to learn how to recover your lost files.

Part 2: Recover Unsaved PowerPoint Mac from Autosave Folder

If you’ve been struggling on achieving PowerPoint autorecover mac , know that the files are temporarily save in the autosave folder. You will need to identify the powerpoint autorecover location mac to get past the issue. The following are the steps to follow to attain this objective.

  • Click "Go" > "Go to Folder".

    > recover powerpoint file not saved mac
  • Go to the autosave folder location by navigating to: /Users/ username /Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.Powerpoint/Data/Library/Preferences/AutoRecovery.
  • If you find the file you need, open it with Microsoft Office and save it on your computer.
  • You must ensure that the autosave option is active on your software.

To check if this feature is turned on by default,you will need to observe the following procedures.

  • Launch PowerPoint for Mac, go to Preferences.
  • Go to “Save” in the toolbars, and check if the box before “Save AutoRecovery info every” is checked. If it’s not checked, then you will need to try the method in the next part of this article.

Part 3: Recover Unsaved Powerpoint Mac with Temp Folder

There is not a single way to powerpoint recover unsaved mac. Depending on the nature of your challenges, you can recover unsaved powerpoint mac 2016 from the temp folder. If you would love to adopt this option, then follow the steps below :

  • Go to "Applications" > "Utilities" and double-click "Terminal".
  • In Terminal, enter open $TMPDIR and you will be directed to the TMP folder which is used to keep files temporarily.
  • recover powerpoint file not saved mac
  • In the TMP folder, find and open the folder named "TemporaryItems". In it, right-click the desired unsaved PowerPoint file and open it with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Save the Word file by clicking on "File" > "Save As" and save it to another location.

Part 4: Recover Unsaved Powerpoint Mac by Opening Recent Powerpoint?

You can also recover unsaved powerpoint on mac by using the recent file option in your software. To make recovery through this option, kindly follow the procedures below :

  • Launch the Microsoft Office PowerPoint for Mac.
  • Go to File > Open Recent, then open the files one by one to check. Also, you can click “Learn more” to read details for each file and fast find out the disappeared PowerPoint file.
  • Then save or save as to finish the unsaved and disappeared PowerPoint file recovery on your mac.
  • Know that this method to recover unsaved powerpoint mac 2018 works when you leave the PowerPoint file unsaved and the file disappeared on your mac.

Part 5: Recover Deleted Powerpoint File Mac Using 4DDiG

If you’re not finding luck with the recovery of your PowerPoint presentations,you would then need consider another recovery solution. Trying to use data recovery software like 4DDiG - Mac Data Recovery to find your lost powerpoint file. This software is used by many MacOS user to recover their deleted, formatted or lost data on Mac.

The 4DDig is a powerful tool for restoring files from one’s hard drive and even external storage devices. You can use it to recover data from failed/crashed/dead MacBookNEW. Know that this software also support Mac T2 Chip. It has a high data recovery rate and 100% reliable.

If you would love to use this software, you can simply follow the procedures below for guide on how to use it.

A Video Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows with 4DDiG

  • Select a Location : The 4DDiG-Mac tool requires you to choose a desired location for your file recovery process. This is done after you’ve completed the installation of your software.

    recover unsaved powerpoint mac
  • You can start to look for your lost file by clicking the Scan" button. On normal ground, it usually take some minutes to scan all deleted files. You will need to wait for the scan to be completed.

    recover powerpoint file not saved mac
  • Recover Mac Files : This is the point where you will need to start recovery your lost files. Kindly click "Recover" button and choose a location of your choice to save the recovered files. Don’t save it to the folder where it was deleted.

    powerpoint recover unsaved mac


Generally speaking, recovering PowerPoint files on your Mac can be tedious. Sometimes, it’s more complex than one can imagine. Once you can figure out the cause of the situation, you’re a step ahead of recovering your files. However, it pays to deal with mac powerpoint recover unsaved using 4DDiG - Mac Data Recovery tool.It’s simply the best tool you can use for this nature of problem.

  Updated on 2020-11-13 / Update for  Mac Data

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