How to Remove Screen Time Passcode on iPhone and iPad [iOS 17]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-10-31 / Update for  Screen Time

I forget my screen time passcode. How can I remove it? I only forget screen time passcode, not lock screen passcode or Face ID. What should I do now?"

Screen Time helps manage and track iPhone users' device usage to enhance digital well-being with the 4-digit passcode. But it happens you forget the passcode and find yourself locked out of Screen Time settings. How to remove Screen Time passcode and regain control over your iPhone or iPad? If you care about the data, how to do it without losing data? The following guide covers two methods to overcome this hurdle.

Part 1. What is the Screen Time Passcode?

Before you proceed further, it is a good idea to learn a little more about what the Screen Time passcode is. A Screen Time passcode is a four-digit code that you need to enter each time when you want to modify Screen Time settings.

For instance, if you want to set app limits or ask for more time to use apps on your iPhone, you have to access the Screen Time settings and input your passcode. Additionally, it is commonly employed as a parental control passcode for configuring screen time restrictions on a child's iPhone.

Part 2. How to Remove Screen Time Passcode without Erasing Device

If your iPhone contains important data, you will not want to delete them just for the purpose of Screen Time passcode removal. Fortunately, there is Tenorshare 4uKey that allows you to remove the Screen Time passcode from your iPhone without losing data. It does not erase anything on your iPhone, but gets Screen Time passcode removed without Apple ID in no time. It supports the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

  • Download, install and run the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to it. Find My iPhone must be turned off before you move on.
  • On the main screen of the software, select the option that says Remove Screen Time Passcode.

    how to disable screen time without passcode - 4ukey
  • Click on the Start Remove button to start removing your passcode. Be patient while the software removes the passcode.

    how to remove screen time passcode - 4ukey how to remove screen time passcode - 4ukey
  • Done. The Screen Time passcode has been removed. You can then set up your device. Select Don’t Transfer Apps & Data to avoid data loss. And choosing Set Up Later in Settings while you are asked to set up Screen Time.

    remove screen time passcode - 4ukey

That is how you remove Screen Time passcode on your iPhone using 4uKey iPhone unlocking software.

Part 3. Remove Screen Time Passcode by Resetting All Content and Settings

If your iPhone does not have any important data and you do not mind to get it fully erased, the reset option can be used to remove Screen Time passcode for free.

Please note that you cannot use the in-build Erase All Content and Settings because it might ask you to enter Screen Time passcode before erasing. So restore your iPhone with iTunes.

  • Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad to it.
  • On the General/Summary screen, click on the option that says Restore iPhone. It will let you remove all the content including the Screen Time passcode from your iPhone.

    how to remove screen time without passcode via itunes restore

You will not be able to restore your iTunes or iCloud backups once you have reset your device. Your passcode is likely stored within those backups, and restoring them will return you to the same situation.

Video Guide: How to Remove Screen Time Passcode and Turn Off Screen Time

You can also check out the video guide below when you forget the Screen Time passcode and want to turn off Screen Time.


To remove Screen Time passcode from your iPhone for some reason, the above guide shows how you can do it using the simplest methods available - Tenorshare 4uKey. We hope the guide helps you remove the forgotten Screen Time passcode and regain access to the feature settings on your device.

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