10 Best iPhone Parental Control Apps 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-12-28 / Update for  Screen Time

Want to prevent your kids from spending too much time on their smartphones? Or you want to keep kids safe online, you need a parental control app that monitors all of their devices. What is the best parental control app for iPhone? Check out our article to know the 10 best parental contral app.

1. Best Free Parental Control App for iPhone - Screen Time APP

screen time ios 12

Screen Time is the fresh feature introduced in iOS 12. With the help of this, you will know how much time is spent by your kids in iPhone, set app limits, restrict website contents, iTunes download and purhacse and more. It lets you:

What It Can Do:

  • Specify a time during which the phone will be down so that your child will be away from it.
  • Set limitations on the apps available on your child device.
  • Set content and privacy restrictions and block inappropriate content.
  • Restrict Siri web search.
  • Restrict game center.
  • Prevent explicit content.

How to Parental Control iPhone with Screen Time?

  • Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn On Screen Time.

    turn on screen time
  • Select This is My [device] or This is My Child's [device]. If it's your child's device, you can set up Screen Time and create settings right on their device or you can use Family Sharing to configure your child's device from your own device.

  • Follow the on-screen instruction to set the Downtime, App Limits,Content and Privacy Restrictions for parental controls.

    set parental control

Note Tips:

1.If you find Screen Time is not working for parental controls that your child still can ignore the limit, it is possible because you don't set up the screen time passcode.

2. If you ever forget screen time passcode, you will not be able to change the screen time settings on your device. If you are in this situation already and you have no idea what to do, use Tenorshare 4uKey. It allows users like you to remove the Screen Time passcode from your device without data loss.

remove the screen time

2. Apple's Restrictions (iOS 11 and earlier)

iPhone restriction

Apple's Restrictions is for the iPhone users having iOS 11 and earlier versions. It will limit the access to particular apps for your kids. You can use this iPhone parental control to limit:

What It Can Do:

  • Lock or limit specific apps and features on your child's device.
  • Restrict the settings for explicit content, purchases and downloads, and privacy.
  • Limit Cellular data usage.
  • Control over In-App Purchase.

How to Parental Control iPhone with Screen Time?

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions to enable the feature on your iPhone.

Step 2. You will be asked to create a passcode that will be used to access the restrictions configuration area on your iPhone. Do so and continue.



While talking about iPhone parental controls, Xnspy stands as one of the commendable in this sphere. Be it browsing history analysis, call monitoring, phone log spy, it can help easily in all these and meet your expectations.

What It Can Do:

  • Monitor phone calls and text messages.
  • Track GPS location.
  • View web browsing history your kids visit.
  • Real-time online and offline monitoring tools for both personal controls.

4. OurPact


Taking OurPact as the next app when having iPhone parental control app reviews. It manages to scheduled screen time and limit access to internet and apps on child's device. However, there are limited web filters and text/call monitoring isn't allowed. With this, geofencing and location tracking is also availale

5. Net Nanny

net nanny

Another convenient and best parental control app for iPhone is Net Nanny . The app allows you to block inappropriate content on the Internet to limit their exposure to adult content and allow them access to safe websites, and manage screen time to set time limits for your child's device usage and only allow them access to the Internet when you choose.

6. MMGuardian

screen time

MMGuardian is an easy-use parental control app for iPhone and Android phone that provides the most effective Websites filtering to keep your kids from Websites containing porn, adult or other inappropriate content. Moreover, you can get alert when the app detects an inappropriate image stored on the phone and details reports of website pages visited, or blocked.

7. Qustodio

qustodio parental control

Qustodio Parental Control is a great solution for iPhone parental control free. It lets you limit screen time, filter content, and monitor or block apps kids use. And it will send a daily report of all your kid's activity to you.

8. FamilyTime

family time

FamilyTime can be considered as one of the best parental control app for iPhone. You can exercise internet filtering like controlling websites you want your child to access thereby blocking unnecessary stuff like pornography. Location tracking and geofencing is also possible.

9. Norton Family Premier

norton family premier ios

Norton Family Premier is one of the best parental control app for iPhone. You can easily block harmful or inappropriate sites and keep an eye on what your kids are visiting, schedule screen time limits for their device usage. Location tracking and geofencing is also possible. It automagically reports kids' online activity to you once installed.

10. Kaspersky Safe Kids

kaspersky safe kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is an useful parental control app for iPhone.With it, you can manage your kids device screen time and use of apps, block access to adult websites and content, and get reports on public Facebook activity, including their posts and newly added friends.

Comparison: Get the Best Parental Contral App for Yourself

Features Price Monitor Screen Time Limit Screen Time Limit Apps Block apps and games Monitor and filter web Monitor calls and texts Track location
Apple's Screen Time Free
Apple's Restrictions Free
XNSPY $4.99/mo
OurPact Free to $84/year
Net Nanny $ 59.99/year
MMGuardian $ 70/year Only for Android
Qustodio Free to $ 138/year
FamilyTime $ 1.15/mo
Norton Family Premiere $ 50/year Only Android
Kaspersky Free to $ 15/year


That was all about iOS parental controls. Now you can keep track on your kids and control their digital activities when necessary. We hope you like this article and share it with your friends too if they are in need for the same. If you forgot the passcode of the Screen Time unfortunately, go and try Tenorshare 4uKey.