6 Easy Fixes for Screen Time Limits Not Working on iPhone/iPad

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-06-12 / Update for  Screen Time

Anyone else seeing issues with Screen time Limits? We only set this up at the weekend but today I see that my daughter has managed an online time of well over her allowed limit."

If you're a family using Apple products, chances are you rely on Apple's Screen Time features to manage your kids' phone usage. However, you might have encountered screen time glitches, like Screen Time limits not working and App limits disappearing, leaving your kids with unrestricted access. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple acknowledged this issue and promised a fix with the iOS 17.1 update. Yet, some parents may still face problems.

Why are Screen Time limits not working on iPhone/iPad running iOS 18/17/16 or earlier versions? Let's delve into why this happens and how to fix it. For quick fixes, consider trying Tenorshare 4uKey!

Part 1. Why Are App Limits Not Working on iPhone/iPad

Why isn't screen time limit working on iOS 18/17/16 or earlier versions? Here are some possible reasons:

  • Software Glitches: Bugs or glitches in the iOS software can cause issues with app limits.
  • Incorrect Settings: Double-check the settings for app limits to ensure they are configured correctly. Verify that the limits are set for the desired apps and time periods.
  • Syncing Problems: If you use Family Sharing or multiple devices, syncing issues may prevent app limits from working properly. Ensure all devices are properly synchronized.
  • User Overrides: Users, particularly children or teens, may find ways to override app limits by manipulating settings or using workarounds.
  • Downtime Settings: If you have Downtime enabled, certain apps may still be accessible during scheduled Downtime periods. Double-check your Downtime settings to ensure they're configured as desired.
  • App Compatibility: Some apps, like YouTube, Snapchat, Brawl Stars and Roblox may not be fully compatible with Screen Time restrictions.

Part 2. How to Fix Screen Time Limits Not Working

1. Set a Screen Time Passcode

iPhone app limits not working on iOS 18/17/16? It may be that your kids have somehow got access to the Screen Time settings and they have removed the limits for the apps. For things like this not to happen, you need to set up a passcode for the Screen Time feature on your device.

  • Open Settings, tap on Screen Time > Use Screen Time Passcode. Enter in a passcode and you are all set.

    set screen time passcode to fix screentime limit not working

2. Toggle ON Block at End of Limit

When you specify app usage limits on your iOS devices, you are given two options. One is that you get a prompt and simply ignore it when you have reached your limit. The second is that you get blocked from using the app unless you enter the screen time passcode or the limit has passed.

With the former option, you can ask for more time easily beyond the app limits without password. That's probably the reason why you think of App limits not working. To fix iPad/iPhone App limits not working, go for the latter option which is to enable Block at End of Limit.

  • Like how you set an app limit, go to Settings > Screen Time > App Limits.
  • Enter your screen time passcode to go on. Choose the app you want to set a limit, and click on Next.
  • After you choose the time limit, toggle on Block at End of Limit and tap on Add. That's it.

    check block end limit to fix app limits not working

3. Set a Specific Limit Per App

We usually set a general limit for all the apps and this screen time may not work well for you, then you can try adding a per-app limit. This way is the same as above, but from here you can see how much time each app has spent and then customize the time limit based on that. To fix iPhone/iPad screen time limit not working on iOS 18/17/16 or earlier versions:

  • Open Settings and tap on Screen Time. Tap on the main graph shown on your screen and select the app you want to specify limits for.
  • Tap on Add Limit at the bottom of the screen. Also do not forget to toggle on Block at End of Limit.

    set app limit to fix screentime limit not working
  • It should hopefully fix the ScreenTime not working well.

4. Turn off and Turn on Screen Time

The above three easy settings may not solve your problem. As for screen time not working, you can delete all the limits and reset the screen time all over again too.

  • Go to Settings > Screen Time. Tap on Turn off Screen Time. After that, turning it on to enable the feature back again.

    turn off on screen time to fix screentime limit not working

5. Restart your iPhone or iPad

If screen time not working on your iOS 16/17 device, restarting your iPhone or iPad may be helpful in this scenario as it refreshes and runs all the settings and apps again. After force restarting you device, see if the screen time limits not working issue has been figured out.

forve restart iphone to fix iphone app limits not working

If you still cannot get the feature to work on your iPhone, there may be an issue with your operating system. It is still fixable though using Tenorshare ReiBoot, a software that helps iOS users fix dozens of system issues on your devices. It helps resolve the Screen Time issues as well.

6. Remove Screen Time Passcode to Fix Screen Time Limit Not Working (Easy & Quick)HOT

If your children change the previous screen time passcode to a new one that you do not know, they can easily bypass the time limits which causes you just wonder screen time limits not working. And you may forget the passcode for Screen Time. In these cases, you can use a software like Tenorshare 4uKey to remove the passcode on your iPhone or iPad without erasing device.

Key Features of Tenorshare 4uKey

  • Quickly remove screen time passcode just a few steps, done in minutes
  • No technical skills needed, even beginners or children can fix App limit not working, in easy clicks
  • No device damage or data loss, guaranteed safety for your device and data
  • No Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, passcode/PIN, or other requirements
  • 100% success rate with professional technical support
  • Supports iPhone and iPad, including iPhone 6s and iPhone 15, iOS 18/17/16 and earlier versions
  • Get the latest version of the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch the software, and click on Remove Screen Time Passcode.

    remove screen time passcode to fix screen time limits not working
  • After 4uKey detects your device, click Start Remove on the next screen, For devices with Find My iPhone turned on, you need to trun it off to go on.

    qucik fix app limits not working with 4ukey fix iphone app limits not working error
  • The program will then automatically remove the screen time passcode for your iPhone/iPad, to fix screen time limits not working.

    solve iphone ipad screen time limit not working
  • After removal, do follow the on-screen steps to set up your iPhone to avoid data loss. And you can set a new password that you remember but your children cannot guess.

    remove screen time passcode successfully

    [Video Guide] How to Remove Time Limit on iPhone without Passcode If Forgot

Part 3. How to Fix Screen Time App Limits Disappearing

Apple's latest iOS 17.1 update aimed to improve Screen Time limits reliability. To fix Screen Time App limits disappearing issue, first ensure your Apple device is updated to the latest iOS vesion. If updating isn't possible or App limit still does not working, seek support from Apple, or consider exploring alternative methods, like Tenorshare 4uKey for quick and easy fixes.

Part 4. FAQs about Screen Time Limits Not Working

Q1: Why are my parental controls not working on iPhone?

If your parental control is not working, just as list above, it could be due to software glitches, incorrect settings, syncing problems, user overrides, downtime settings, or App compatibility issues, etc.

Q2: Why can my child ignore Screen Time limit on iPhone?

Your child can bypass iPhone screen time limits because the option to ignore the limit appears when the time is up. They can choose to ignore it for a minute, 15 minutes, or the whole day. iPhone makes it easy to bypass limits, but you can set a passcode to make it harder. Consider using parental control apps for stricter controls.


If you are facing the Screen Time limit not working issue on your device running iOS 18/17/16 or earlier versions, this guide provides you with 6 quick fixes for the issue. For people who cannot remember the screen time password, you have Tenorshare 4uKey at your rescue. We really hope this guide helps you out.

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