Top 4 Ways on How to Delete Apple ID without Password

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-08-19 / Update for  Apple ID

im not able to delete my icloud account whoose password i dont know but i want to open it from my current id. How to delete old icloud account without asking for password" this is one of the issue of the Apple user.

Have you also forgotten your Apple ID password and wondering what to do next? Don't worry anymore as there are few technique which will definitely help you to delete Apple ID without password. All the methods that have been mentioned below works but some might take a little longer time with some complicated procedure. Solutions have been given according to the effectiveness. Make sure to go through all the mentioned methods and choose the best one that suits you.

Part 1: How to Delete Apple ID without Password by Tenorshare 4MeKey

The best and effective method that can easily help you to remove Apple ID without the need of password is by using Tenorshare 4MeKey. This method will help you on how to delete Apple ID account without password just in few minutes. 4MeKey also offers others features such as: removing iCloud activation lock and turn off Find My feature.

Process on how to delete Apple ID from iPhone without password using Tenorshare 4MeKey:

Note: You need to download and install 4MeKey on your computer or Mac before starting the process.

  • Launch the program (Tenorshare 4MeKey). On the main screen of the software you will see options, simply click on "Unlock Apple ID".

    main interface of tenorshare 4mekey
  • Now you need to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB synchronizer, instantly software will detect your phone and will display the message saying to unlock the screen and then tap on "Trust" option.

    connect phone using usb cable trust the computer option
  • Click on "Next" button to begin the process of deleting your Apple ID that is connected to your iPhone.

You will see any one of the two case. Follow the process according to your case displayed.

1st Case: Your "Find My iPhone" option is turned OFF

a. 4MeKey will delete your Apple ID that is connected with your iPhone soon you click on "Next". Also your data won't be erased if your iPhone iOS is above 10.2.

removing the apple id

b. Few minutes will be taken to finish the process and once it is completed, you can see a successful message will be displayed on the computer screen.

removed the apple id successfully

2nd Case: Your "Find My iPhone" option is turned ON

For iOS 11.4 and later:

  • a. If "Find My iPhone" feature is turned on then you should remove the iPhoen from Find My before you can delete Apple ID.
  • start remove apple id
  • b. The process to turn off Find My is shown on the screen, follow every step carefully. The moment you finish the settings, device will automatically removing.
  • set up iphone removing device from find my
  • c. After that, verify the FMI status. Make sure that it has been turned off successfully to avoid any damage on your iPhone.
  • check fmi status
  • d. Then you can remove the Apple ID without password. Wait for a few minutes fto finish.
removed alpple id successfully

All data will be erased after delete your Apple ID in this situation.

For iOS 11.4 and below:

  • a. If "Find My iPhone" feature is turned on then you should reset settings before you can delete Apple ID.
  • b. The process to reset all settings: go to Settings >> General >> Reset All Settings. The moment you reset all settings of your iPhone, device will automatically restart and the software will start the deleting process.
  • reset all settings of iphone
  • c. Soon the Apple ID will be deleted and you can use the iPhone without any issue. One thing you need to remember is that, not to use the same Apple ID that you used before in your iPhone.
removed alpple id successfully

All data will not be lost after delete your Apple ID if your iOS is 10.2 to 11.4 with Tenorshare 4Mekey.

Part 2: How to Delete Apple ID from iPhone/iPad by Using iTunes(Data Loss)

If you want to use the default App provided by Apple to remove the Apple ID from the device then you can follow the steps shown below. This app requires the availability of iTunes on the computer and even some of the other requirement need to be fulfilled to make this work. Some of the requirement are: "Find my iPhone" should not be turned on and the device should not be synced before with the iTunes.

Process on how to delete Apple ID from iPhone/iPad without password using iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to computer and open iTunes.
  • Now force restart your iPhone: Press & instantly leave "Volume Up" button, again press & instantly leave volume down button and then press & hold "Power" button until you don't see recovery mode on screen.

    force restart iphone x
  • Instantly you will see a message box on the screen which says "There is a problem with the iPhone "iPhone name" that requires it to be updated or restored". Click on "Restore" option to reset the iPhone.

    restore iphone x using itunes

Part 3: How to Erase Apple Account on Web

If are planning to delete your account for any reason then you can easily delete it from the web. Though you have an option to temporarily deactivate the account in case you want to use in future but make sure to take the decision wisely because once the account has been deleted it cannot be restored and you will not be able to access iTunes or take advantages of any of its services.

Process to delete Apple Account from the web:

  • First you need to visit Apple data & privacy login page.

    data and privacy page
  • Next enter the Apple ID and log-in to account that you want to delete. Once you are inside the home page, click on "Request" to delete your account (which you can see on the bottom of the screen).

    delete apple id account
  • Then check whether you have any subscriptions with the Apple ID or not and then select a reason for deleting the account. Click "Continue" to proceed further.

    delete apple id account questions
  • Finally follow the onscreen procedure to delete the Apple ID account permanently.

Part 4: Using "No longer have your iPhone" to Disable Apple ID(Data Loss)

This method might looks unusual to many of the users as it has some weird technique to disable Apple ID. The process is simple and easy but you need to follow the steps as shown below to make this method work. This solution might not be reliable as the first one but still you can learn how to use this solution.

1. You need to visit Apple website using any browser and then search and locate "No longer have your iPhone" from its main screen.

disable apple id

2. Now enter your phone number and click on "Send Code" to receive 6-digits verification code. Once you receive the code, enter into the second fill-up-box and click on "Submit" button. Soon your Apple ID will be deleted.


Today you should have learned top 4 ways on how to delete Apple ID without password. As you might have already known that using Tenorshare 4Mekey is the best method to delete the Apple ID without password just in few clicks. Make a good use of this software as you can do much more than deleting the Apple ID. Let us know what you think about this software.

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  Updated on 2021-08-19 / Update for  Apple ID

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