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by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-21 / Update for  change location

Monster Hunter Now has an expansive world with hidden monsters all around it. Every player is eager to explore the remote areas and hunt down these elusive creators. However, it becomes really hard to travel everywhere with a phone in hand to hunt the monsters. One innovative method to achieve this is through Monster Hunter Now Fly which allows players to virtually teleport to any location using GPS spoofing.

Monster Hunter Now fly

There are many ways to spoof your location on both Android and iOS devices. However, you might encounter some errors while using Monster Hunter Now Fly GPS spoofing. We’ll go through the multiple methods to use these location changes, errors you might encounter, and the solutions you can use to avoid these errors.

Part 1: [Reasons] Monster Hunter Now Fly Not Working

MHN players might find multiple Spoofing applications promising to teleport anywhere you want without having to travel physically. Some Monster Hunter Now Fly GPS spoofers generate some errors and often don't work properly.

Here are 3 common reasons for MH Now Spoofing GPS to generate errors and not work for your device:

  • Developer Crackdown: Using anomaly detection, integrity checks, and heuristic analysis, Monster Hunter Now can detect some GPS Spoofers and ban the account or generate errors.
  • System Restrictions: iOS and Android have different levels of security and restrictions regarding GPS spoofing. Since Android is an open-source operating system, it is more vulnerable as compared to iOS.
  • 3.Limitations of Fake GPS: Not all GPS spoofing apps are compatible with every device or version of Monster Hunter Now.

With the growing security of the games, it has become hard to exploit the systems to spoof locations. However, that doesn't mean no GPS Spoofing app is credible enough to help you there.

iAnyGo is one of the most credible applications that works great with both iOS and Android without ever being detected.

Part 2: [Solutions] Monster Hunter Now Fly on iOS Supporting

iAnyGo is the only GPS spoofer app that supports Monster Hunter Now on iOS devices. With a proven track record, the iAnyGo location spoofer can change the location of any iOS device including iOS 17 without jailbreak or root. It not only bypasses all GPS location detection systems but also solves all MHN GPS issues with its MH Now game pack.

Why Choose iAnyGo to Change MHN Location?

  • 1. Revolutionary GPS Spoofing Technology: iAnyGo offers state-of-the-art GPS spoofing technology, allowing you to change your location to anywhere in the world with a single click.
  • 2. MHN Wizard-Bypass GPS Spoofing Detection: iAnyGo features the MHN Wizard, a revolutionary tool designed to bypass detection systems and re-enable GPS spoofing specifically for MHN.
  • 3. Seamless Integration with Monster Hunter Now: iAnyGo enables you to teleport to the latest monster hotspots, embark on epic quests, and tackle challenges effortlessly.

How to Use iAnyGo for Monster Hunter Now Fly on iOS:

  • Download the MHN Wizard: Unlock the full potential of Monster Hunter Now with the MHN Wizard. This essential tool bypasses GPS spoofing detection, allowing you to enhance your gameplay experience seamlessly.

    For Win Users: MHN Wizard

    For Mac Users: MHN Wizard

  • Sign in Apple ID account: Apple ID account is used exclusively for installing the MH NOW package.
  • Apple ID account
  • Install the MHN Wizard: This simple process ensures a hassle-free installation and activation of the MHN Wizard on your iOS device.
  • Install the MHN Wizard
  • Enable Developer Mode: Enabling "Developer Mode" on your phone. This crucial step allows iAnyGo to bypass GPS restrictions and seamlessly simulate your desired location.
  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Enjoy Seamless Spoofing: With the MHN Wizard and iAnyGo successfully installed, and Developer Mode enabled, you're now ready to harness the full capabilities of iAnyGo.
  • Install the MHN Wizard

Part3: Monster Hunter Now Safely on Android-4 Ways[Pro+Cons]

Spoofing GPS location on Android for Monster Hunter Now is more easier. The security of the Android device is comparatively low, the variety of their versions and device models makes it easier for the GPS spoofing apps to be compatible with each device.

Tools Pros Cons Rate

Easy to install and use;

Offers teleport, joystick, auto walk, and more.


Some features require a paid version.

GPS Joystick

Allows location spoofing for MHN fly;

Joystick control for movement.

Contains ads;

Limited features in the free version.


IP location spoofing for MHN fly.

Limited free features;

May not work well on all devices.


Simulates fake locations for MHN;

Recent history.

Contains ads;

Limited features in the free version.


1. PGSharp- Support Monster Hunter Now Fly

PGSharp offers an ideal solution for users with rooted Android devices, delivering a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed for Monster Hunter Now enthusiasts. With PGSharp, players can effortlessly change their in-game location, access exclusive regions, and enhance their gameplay experience.


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2. GPS Joystick-Fake MHN Fly Location

GPS Joystick provides an easy-to-use solution for spoofing your location on Android devices, making it a favorite among Monster Hunter Now enthusiasts. Its intuitive interface and customizable settings allow users to effortlessly simulate their desired location, enhancing their gaming experience.

Whether you're looking to explore new areas, catch rare monsters, or participate in special events, GPS Joystick offers the flexibility and precision needed to take your gameplay to the next level.

GPS Joystick

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3. VPNa - GPS Location MHN Fly

VPNa provides a straightforward yet highly effective solution tailored for Monster Hunter Now enthusiasts seeking location spoofing on Android devices.

With VPNa, you can effortlessly teleport to any desired location, whether it's to hunt down elusive monsters or explore new territories. This user-friendly app streamlines the process, ensuring that even novice users can quickly grasp its functionalities and start enjoying the benefits of virtual location manipulation.


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4. Fly GPS-Monster Hunter Now Location fake

Whether you're hunting down legendary monsters or exploring uncharted territories, Fly GPS empowers you to manipulate your virtual location effortlessly.

Its intuitive design ensures that users of all levels can navigate its functionalities with ease, while its diverse feature set provides ample opportunities for customization and seamless integration with the Monster Hunter Now experience.


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Final Words

There are multiple options available to spoof your GPS location for Monster Hunter Fly on both iOS and Android devices. These applications have their own pros and cons and sometimes might malfunction and get your account banned.

Luckily, we have iAnyGo GPS spoofer for Monster Hunter Fly that is compatible with all devices and 100% to use. Download iAnyGo now and enjoy a 20% discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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