Zinogre's Onslaught Guide in 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-12-18 / Update for  change location

The new major update of Monster Hunter Now made it to the surface on December 7 and introduced two new weapons, four latest monsters, and a unique Hunt-a-thons event. One of those monsters is Zingore.

If you are also confused about all the hype of Zingore and Hunt-a-thons, this guide is for you! We will discuss this event in detail, exploring the nuances of the electrifying Zinogre and strategies to farm this formidable beast. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice, this guide will teach you to conquer the Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event.

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Part 1: What You Need to Know about Hunt-a-thons Event

Hunt-a-thons is a unique event where hunters can engage in back-to-back battles against giant monsters. This event is relatively new, which makes the whole aspect even more exciting and unique. Here's what you need to know:

Release Date:

The Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event is set to take place from December 15 to 17. This limited-time event presents a unique opportunity for hunters to engage in challenging and rewarding battles. So, prepare for an intense hunting spree during these exclusive dates.

Exclusive Monster: Zinogre

The highlight of this event is the Zinogre. It is a formidable, electrifying monster that challenges even the most skilled hunters. Known for its fierce lightning attacks, the Zinogre is the exclusive monster for this Hunt-a-thons. This thunderous beast offers a unique and exhilarating hunting experience for Monster Hunter Now players.

Participation Requirements:

To partake in the Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event, hunters must have achieved Rank 11. This requirement ensures that participants are adequately skilled and prepared for the challenges. If you haven't reached this rank, now is the time to gear up and level up to join the fray.

Cooldown for Hunt-a-thons:

After engaging in a Hunt-a-thons, hunters must observe a cooldown period of 180 minutes before they can participate in another. However, for those eager to jump back into action, there's an option to bypass this wait time by purchasing Hunt-a-thon Tickets for 150 gems, roughly equivalent to $2. This flexibility allows hunters to choose between waiting or quickly rejoining the hunt.

Part 2: What You Need to Know about Zinogre

Zinogre, a key figure in the Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event, is a creature of immense power and agility. Understanding this monster is crucial for hunters aiming to succeed in the event.

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  • A Supercharged Fanged Wyvern: Zinogre stands out as a supercharged fanged wyvern, a classification that hints at its formidable nature. This monster harnesses the power of electricity, using the fulgurous energy in its fur to unleash devastating lightning attacks. Hunters must be well-prepared and agile to dodge and counter these electrifying assaults.
  • Zinogre's Role in Hunt-a-thons: During the Hunt-a-thons, Zinogre's Onslaught is a highlight, where this thunderous beast becomes the fifth and final monster in each series of hunts. Its inclusion adds a layer of challenge and excitement to the event, making each Hunt-a-thons a thrilling experience for participants.
  • Availability Post-Event: It's important to note that Zinogre will continue to appear in Hunt-a-thons even after the December 17 cutoff but at its usual rate. This ensures hunters who miss the Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event still have opportunities to encounter and battle this electrifying wyvern in future Hunt-a-thons.
Note:During the "A Happy Hunting New Year" Event, the appearance rate of Zinogre as the fifth monster at Hunt-a-thon Points will be boosted at 9:00 a.m. on Dec 23, 2023, and midnight on Jan 8th, 2024.

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Part 3: How to Farm Zinogre in Hunt-a-thons

Successfully farming Zinogre in the Hunt-a-thons requires a strategic approach. Here are some tips to maximize your encounters and rewards:

  • Engage in Special Quests: To unlock Zinogre, participate in the "Fulminations in the Frost" update's seasonal storyline. This involves completing specific steps in the Special Quests section, making Zinogre available as an Urgent Quest.
  • Tactics for Encounters: When you face Zinogre, adopt a dual strategy: aim to capture one Zinogre while defeating the other. This approach not only fulfills quest requirements but also maximizes your rewards.
  • Target Specific Body Parts: Focus on cutting the tail of one Zinogre and breaking the head of the other. Additionally, aim to break the arms and legs of the second Zinogre. This tactic increases your chances of obtaining more materials, especially the coveted shinies.
  • Avoid Over-Killing: It's crucial to remember that continuously killing Zinogres in Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event will not yield additional bonus loot. Once you've achieved your objective in a quest, proceed to the next one to optimize your resource gathering.

By following these strategies, hunters can effectively farm Zinogre in the Hunt-a-thons Event, enhancing their arsenal and preparing for even more significant challenges in the world of Monster Hunter Now.

[Bonus Tip] How to Increase Gaming Experience in Zinogre's Onslaught in Hunt-a-thons?

Changing your in-game location can significantly improve your gaming experience in Monster Hunter Now. This strategy opens up a world of new possibilities and allows you to encounter different monsters and challenges that might not be available in your current locale. To facilitate this, Tenorshare iAnyGo emerges as a reliable tool. It offers a simple yet effective way to change your GPS location for Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event. Here's why and how to use iAnyGo:

Why Use Tenorshare iAnyGo?

Tenorshare iAnyGo is not similar to the other location spoofing tools. Its unique perks make it stand out from the crowd of contenders. Here are some of them:

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  • Ease of Use: iAnyGo is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for gamers of all skill levels to change their location with just a few clicks.

How to Use Tenorshare iAnyGo?

Using Tenorshare iAnyGo is not rocket science. The following streamlined steps of using Tenorshare iAny Go for Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event will ensure the process stays free from any hiccups:

  • Download and Install: Download Tenorshare iAnyGo, and select the "Change Location" mode.

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  • Connect Your Device: Connect your phone to your computer.

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Using iAnyGo, you can effortlessly teleport to new hunting grounds in Monster Hunter Now, making your Hunt-a-thons more thrilling and rewarding. Whether you're exploring new areas or just want to spice up your gaming routine, iAnyGo is a fantastic tool to enhance your Monster Hunter Now experience.

The Bottom Line:

The Hunt-a-thons Zinogre's Onslaught Event in Monster Hunter Now becomes even more fun with Tenorshare iAnyGo. This tool lets you change your location quickly. Therefore, it makes the game more exciting by allowing you to explore new places and challenges. For swift and faster access to events and other monsters, you can check out iAnyGo's free trial with just a few clicks.

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