[2024 Newest] Best Monster Hunter Now Joystick (iOS 17 Supported)

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-05-24 / Update for  change location

Niantic has been a pioneer in producing extremely fun augmented reality games and the new Monster Hunter Now is no exception. The newest augmented reality game in town is filled with rare monsters and epic battles.

Trapped indoors but itching to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter Now? Don't worry, you can snag those elusive Rathalos and Diablos without leaving your doorstep. Here's how a Monster Hunter Now joystick, or location spoofer, can unlock the entire world of the game for you. In this article, we will introduce best gps joystick for Monster Hunter Now for you.

monster hunter now gps joystick

Breaking News: Only iAnyGo Joystick Works for Monster Hunter Now

Have you been found gps joystick not working Monster Hunter Now? Since February 22, 2024, all players have encountered the 'Searching for GPS signal' issue when attempting to spoof locations on MHN iOS. Currently, among all iPhone location changers for Monster Hunter Now, only Tenorshare iAnyGo can resolve this problem. Therefore, opting for iAnyGo instead of other GPS spoofers to play Monster Hunter Now comfortably at home is a wise choice.

The official MHN may have put a stop to spoofing, but iAnyGo brings back the power! Download the MHN wizard, a custom game package that bypasses detection. Follow these 5 simple steps and unlock unrestricted location spoofing in MHN!

Step 1: Get started! Download the MHN Wizard using the link below.

For Win Users: MHN Wizard

For Mac Users: MHN Wizard

Step 2: Download complete! Now, to install MHN Wizard, simply sign in with your Apple ID. Don't fret, it's only used for this step and your data is secure.

ios gps joystick

Step 3: Once you log in, you'll see an "Install MHN" button. Click it to install the MHN Wizard on your phone.

mhn joystick mhn wizard

Step 4: After installing the MHN Wizard, you'll need to enable "Developer Mode" on your phone to modify its location.

monster hunter now spoof apk

Step 5: Now that MH Now is on your phone, you have the flexibility to use iAnyGo for GPS spoofing and simulated walking whenever you want.

fake gps joystick monster hunter now

Along with the ability to spoof your GPS location in Monster Hunter Now, it also helps you get Monster Hunter Now joystick free that enables you to survey new locations with ease. It is an all-in-one solution for all your GPS spoofing needs and will not being banned. Let's see the real feedback from Monster Hunter Now joystick ios reddit.

monster hunter now spoof apk

Since we have downloaded the MHN Wizard, now you can click the button and use this Monster Hunter Now Joystick tools to enhance your game experience:

Let's see how you can use the Monster Hunter Now Joystick iOS free to get the most out of the Monster Hunter Now game:

  • Download and install Tenorshare iAnyGo on your computer. Launch it and connect your iPhone to the computer. You can use a USB cable or WiFi network to get this done.

    ianygo monster hunter now
  • Once your device is connected, click on the 4th option, 'Joystick Movement' mode. This will enable a joystick to maneuver your movements in the lower left corner of the screen.

    monster hunter now spoofing ios free
  • With the joystick now enabled you can set the walking speed in Monster Hunter Now, running speed or driving speed up to a maximum of 72 kmph.Once you've finalized the settings, you can use the joystick to stimulate movement in 360°or Monster Hunter Now joystick auto walk. That's it, now you can enjoy the monster hunter now fake gps feature without moving a muscle.

    monster hunter now gps joystick
  • Enjoy Monster Hunter Now with iAnyGo joystick Now.

    monster hunter now gps joystick

Watch the Video Guide to See How to Use Joystick for Monster Hunter Now


iAnyGo can change the location of both iPhone and Android smartphones, but currently, for changing the location in the Monster Hunter Now game, it only supports iPhone.

Monster Hunter Now Joystick Android: PGsharp

As we mentioned above, if you are an iPhone user, you can download iAnygo and MHN Wizard for Monster Hunter Now Joystick experience. But if you are an Android user, here we recommend you to use PGsharp Monster Hunter Now. Remember that this tool is not 100% applicable to joystick for Monster Hunter Now. Give it a try!

Here is how to use PGsharp for Monster Hunter Now GPS Joystick:

  • Download and install PGSharp, Monster Hunter Now joystick fake gps android, from PGSharp.com for GPS spoofing.
  • monster hunter now mod gps
  • After installing the app, choose the location you want to spoof.
  • Press the button to start changing the location, then check within Monster Hunter Now to see if your location has changed.
  • You can also use the Joystick feature to manually change your current location at your own pace.

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People Also Ask about Monster Hunter Noe Joystick

Q1. What's the Fastest Way to Get MH Now Rewards?

To get access to the best rewards in the Monster Hunter Now game, it's important to explore your surroundings. The more you walk the more monsters you will come across.

However, it may get tiring after a while. In this situation, you need gps monster hunter now spoofer app. What is spoofing you ask? Well, it is a convenient way to fake GPS location inside the app. You can auto-walk to different locations while sitting in the comfort of your home. This will enable you to come across more rewards and fight more battles.

If you want to take this experience a step further you can also use a joystick to navigate streets of any location. A joystick makes it incredibly easy to pretend that you are walking. So now let's look at which app offers the best joystick experience for the Monster Hunter Now game.

Q2. What is the best JoyStick for Monster Hunter Now?

Absolutely, Tenorshare iAnygo is the best tool for Monster Hunter Now mod apk joystick. This is the first and only virtual location product on the market that supports the MHN Joystick. Many gamers have used it and commented favorably

Bottom Line

The Monster Hunter Now game is the hottest commodity in town and to experience it fully you need a reliable monster hunter now joystick tool and Tenorshare iAnyGo fits that role perfectly. So get it now and make the best use of the amazing joystick to navigate new locations seamlessly.