7 Tips to Solve WhatsApp Last Seen Not Showing

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-03-29 / Update for  WhatsApp

WhatsApp last seen is the last time a person was online. And the status changes to online when they are using WhatsApp. You see it when you open a chat on WhatsApp.

About this feature, a common query is WhatsApp last seen not showing. Why does this happen and how to fix this issue? This is what we will solve today.

Part 1: Why WhatsApp Last Seen is Not Showing

Make it your habit. Whenever you encounter a question, before jumping to what to do, always understand the why. Coming to WhatsApp last seen not showing, lets look at some reasons.

  • The first one is privacy settings. People can hide the last seen or online status and don't share with others.
  • As for WhatsApp last seen not showing for some contacts, those contacts may be blocked or not saved.
  • Last seen of the contact whom you have not chatted with might not be visible to you.
  • A faulty internet connection. Just check your Wifi or mobile data.

Part 2: 7 Tips to Fix Last Seen or Online Not Showing in WhatsApp

Now let’s move on to how to fix last seen not showing in WhatsApp. Well, there are a few tips and tricks. Find and apply the appropriate solutions.

1. Switch to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

Internet connection could cause WhatsApp last seen not showing. So check if the internet is working for some other apps. You could also switch between Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

2. Change Privacy Settings

Hidden WhatsApp last seen by others is the reason why you cannot see last seen status in most cases. In turn, if you want last seen not showing to others, you can hide it in privacy settings too.

  • On your WhatsApp, open Settings. Go to Account > Privacy.
  • Tap on Last seen. You can set it to to Everyone, your contacts, or nobody.

    how to hide last seen on whatsapp

3. Unblock Others

The third case. If a contact is blocked by you or you are blocked by them, you will not see anything ranging from profile photo to their last seen status. So, you should unblock them or tell them to unblock you in WhatsApp or Contacts.

4. Save Contacts and Message Them

According to WhatsApp, last seen is not seen to you if you have not saved a contact and messages them yet. So what we should do is to save that contact's phone number and send them a message in WhatsApp. This might fix WhatsApp last seen not showing.

5. Restart WhatsApp and Your Phone

When there is a bug in the WhatsApp app and it needs refreshing, WhatsApp last seen not showing could also be caused. Same goes for your phone. Thus, it makes sense to restart both WhatsApp and your iPhone or Android.

6. Clear WhatsApp Cache

WhatsApp cache filled up makes the app laggy and not function properly. Here you can clear WhatsApp cache to fix last seen not showing. Under WhatsApp App Info in Settings, tap on Storage > Clear Cache.

clear whatsapp cache android

7. Update WhatsApp

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp on you phone for a long time, you should update it to the latest version. This is the common solution for WhatsApp issues such as pictures not sending or status not working.

update whatsapp

Part 3: FAQs About Last Seen and Online in WhatsApp

Q1: When does your WhatsApp shows online status?

When someone connect their phone to the internet and WhatsApp is using in the foreground, it will display the online status. And sometimes it shows online when WhatsApp is open and running in the background.

Q2: How to turn off online status in WhatsApp?

On your WhatsApp, open Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Last seen. Select who can see your last seen status. If you want to turn it off completely, just select Nobody.

Q3: Is WhatsApp Last Seen accurate?

Yes, the last seen status is accurate and updated in time.

Q4: Why is message not read when WhatsApp is online?

Even if someone is online on WhatsApp, it is not necessary for them to read your messages. And the WhatsApp might be running in the background and the receiver don't use WhatsApp right now.

Part 4: How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Now that the WhatsApp last seen or online not showing issue has been fixed, we prepare another practical WhatsApp recovery tool in case you need to get deleted WhatsApp messages back. It is Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery.

You can watch this video tutorial to know more about this tool and WhatsApp deleted data recovery:


WhatsApp last seen shows when you were on WhatsApp and online status means you are using it. But WhatsApp last seen not showing happens. There could be multiple reasons and related solutions, which have been covered above. We also mentioned Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery to recover lost messages on WhatsApp.