WhatsApp Not Working? How to Fix Common WhatsApp Problems After Upgrade

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-02-07 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

Try to stop for a moment and think. What are the activities that you've done today that not using apps? Without realizing it, our lives have becomes so dependent on apps. From finding your way to meditation to tracking menstrual periods, there are - as Steve Jobs famously said - apps for that. But there's another side to that: we are also dependent on the developers who maintain the apps for the flawless experience via updates.

But developers are also human. They make mistakes. More often than not, the updates that were intended to fix problems were actually causing bigger problems. And if the apps were an extremely popular one, the effects would be multiplied millionfold.

Such cases happened with WhatsApp recently that WhatsApp not working/not sending/receiving messages/not connecting calls/crashed after update?. Even though the major catastrophe has been avoided, the question remains: what should you do when you encounter WhatsApp problem after the upgrade?

Top 4 Solutions to Fix Common WhatsApp Update Problems

There are several ways that you could do when your WhatsApp stopped working after the upgrade, whether it's the app upgrade or the operating system upgrade.

1. The Connections

The first thing that you should check is your internet connection. The most likely culprit for problems on internet-heavy-dependent apps like WhatsApp is the internet connection. So, always starts here, even though your first thought of possible cause might be the update.

If you are living in the countries where the internet is as common as air, you might not have the problem. But there are countries where the connections are slow and expensive and full of downs.

WhatsApp require working internet connection

2. The Server

Another contender for the reason why your WhatsApp is not working is WhatsApp server itself. One example of such occasion is the recent server outage that happened early May 2017. The outage caused users in Western Europe, the East Coast of the US and South America to unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations.

Even though WhatsApp breaks less than some of its competitors, it has run into problems in the past – including a major outage that hit it on New Year's Eve in 2015.

If this is what happens, there's nothing that you can do except to wait until the company resolves their problems. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn't maintain a status page to alert users to when it is broken.

3. The Updates

What if the source of the problems that causes WhatsApp not sending messages nor receiving them is the app update? Sometimes there is quick workaround that can overcome the problems, but some other times there aren't any available. Either way, the best way to do is to wait until the developer issues another updates to patch the holes. Meanwhile, you could try to use the web or desktop version to keep up with your conversations.

It's also possible that the problems are the results of OS updates. If the OS upgrades include new features that are incompatible with the recent WhatsApp version, some functions might not work as they should be. In this case, there's also nothing that you can do except waiting for the next update that fixes the problems.

download the latest update

4. The Restart, Reinstall, and Other Possibilities

Here are other possibilities to solve WhatsApp issues after the update. First, you should try to restart your device. You'd be surprised to know how many app-related problems can be solved just by a simple restart.

Then if the restart doesn't do you any good, you could try to reinstall the app. First, delete the app, then reinstall it from the AppStore. A fresh install will usually eliminate the problems that come with the previous install.

Then, when everything else fails, you could try to restore your device to factory settings before reinstalling WhatsApp. If the problem is on the device side, this rather extreme method usually fix it.

An Ounce of Prevention: Backup Your WhatsApp Data

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