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WhatsApp Not Working? How to Fix Common WhatsApp Problems After Upgrade

February 19, 2018 10:14 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to WhatsApp Data Recovery
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Try to stop for a moment and think. What are the activities that you've done today that not using apps? Without realizing it, our lives have becomes so dependent on apps. From finding your way to meditation to tracking menstrual periods, there are - as Steve Jobs famously said - apps for that. But there's another side to that: we are also dependent on the developers who maintain the apps for the flawless experience via updates.

But developers are also human. They make mistakes. More often than not, the updates that were intended to fix problems were actually causing bigger problems. And if the apps were an extremely popular one, the effects would be multiplied millionfold.

Such cases happened with WhatsApp recently that WhatsApp not working/not sending/receiving messages/not connecting calls/crashed after update?. Even though the major catastrophe has been avoided, the question remains: what should you do when you encounter WhatsApp problem after the upgrade?

Top 4 Solutions to Fix Common WhatsApp Update Problems

There are several ways that you could do when your WhatsApp stopped working after the upgrade, whether it's the app upgrade or the operating system upgrade.

An Ounce of Prevention: Backup Your WhatsApp Data

Is better than a pound of cure. Or so they said. It means that we should always prepare for the unexpected. In the case of fixing app-related problems, we should always prepare backups of our data. There's an app -WhatsApp Recovery that can help you backup and recover your WhatsApp data in a breeze.

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