3 Ways to Recover Missing Mailboxes after Big Sur Update

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-05-26 / Update for  Mac OS

After updating to Big Sur, all of my archived mail is gone, and a custom mailbox I created for receipts is gone too. Is there a way to recover these?

Mac users were anxiously waiting for the new Big Sur update to enjoy its exciting new features. Many upgraded their Macs to the new operating system the day it was released. But little did they know at the time that this update will cause data loss.

Complains from many mac users show that the new Big Sur update has resulted in loss of archived and junk mail, and in some cases, the entire mailbox. Losing mails can severely interrupt and/or delay your personal, work-related, and other routine tasks and you are left with no option but to recover missing mailboxes after big sur update.

Can You Recover Missing Mailbox after Big Sur Update?

Yes, one can recover missing mailbox by using the right methods. So, regardless of the reasons why you’re experiencing the Inbox Missing! (not the messages; the whole inbox!) issue, we’ve got you covered.

However, we strongly recommend readers to always backup their data, in this case mailbox, before installing any update. In case of a backup, one can easily restore the data if it’s lost.

Method 1: Recover Inbox Missing from Library

The Library folder stores all the cache files, support files, preference files, and other important data. So, you have to search this folder if Junk mailbox missing in Big Sur update. To do that:

  • Go to the Library folder. Apple hides this folder by default so make sure you unhide. The easiest way to access is by typing Library in the Finder search tab.
  • Open the Library folder and scroll down to the Mail sub-folder.
  • Here, you’ll see multiple folders. Look for the folder named V with a number, such as V8, and open it.
  • Now, open the sub-folders of V# to check and copy the deleted mails you need.

Method 2: Recover Mailbox Missing in Big Sur via Time Machine

Time Machine backup is an ingenious feature of mac that automatically backup your external hard drive until it’s full. So, you can recover missing mailboxes after big sur update via Time Machine using the following steps:

  • Open Time Machine icon and select Enter Time Machine option. It’ll display the backups on the screen in the form of timeline.
  • Select the latest backup and click on Restore at the bottom of the screen to recover the deleted mails on your Mac.
  • And you’ll find the file in its original location.

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to recover the latest mails if you haven’t turned on Time Machine. Also, if Time Machine deleted the old backups when it hits the storage limit.

Method 3: Recover Mail Missing after Big Sur Update with 4DDiG (Mac)

The one thing Mac users always missed was the availability of a reliable third-party that can retrieve lost data from a Mac hard drive. Thanks to the developers of Tenorshare 4DDiG(Mac), its latest update helps users to recover all sorts of lost files on a Mac hard drive or external disks including missing mails.

The best thing about using 4DDiG(Mac) is its user-friendly interface, multi-layer data protection guarantees, and high efficiency in getting the job done for you. No other software is as easy to use as this remarkable software. Below is a 3-step method to recover missing mails on your Mac using 4DDiG Mac Data Recovery:

  • After installing 4DDiG Mac Data Recovery, launch it and select a location on your Mac to restore the lost mails. Then, hit on Scan to proceed.

    recover missing mailboxes after big sur update - restore
  • The software will perform a deep scan of the computer and lists all the lost files on the screen. You need to click on Email option from the left tab and then select the mails you want to restore.

    recover missing mailboxes after big sur update – scan and preview
  • After selecting mails, hit on Recover and select a location, other than the partition from where they were lost, to save the retrieved mails.

    recover missing mailboxes after big sur update – completed

This method has added advantage that you can restore specific files. So, you can save a lot of time by just retrieving the important mails.

You may also want to view the video tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac [Emptied Trash]?

Tips to Avoid Mailboxes Missing After Big Sur Update

Needless to explain how much trouble you can land in if you lose mails. That is why you need to follow the below tips to avoid such situation beforehand.

  • Delete the extra or unnecessary mails regularly.
  • Backup mails daily.
  • Before backing up mails, quite the Mail application.
  • Save the attachments on mails to your Mac and then delete those attachments from the mails to save storage.
  • Backup the mail app before installing Big Sur update.


Losing mails due to system update is a very common issue that warrants immediate action to restore the lost files. Bearing this mind, we outlined three simple yet effective methods by which you can Recover Missing Mailboxes After Big Sur Update. The first two methods work under specific conditions and may not restore all the lost mails. That’s why it’s recommended to sue Tenorshare 4DDiG Mac Data Recovery that helps users retrieve all the lost mails in just a few minutes.