How to Save Battery on iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus after iOS 15 Update

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-12-02 / Update for  iPhone Tips

iPhone 6S battery draining fast on iOS 15! My iPhone 6s was fine until I updated to iOS 15 last week. I normally have about 70% after getting home from work, but now it even less than 30%. Is there something wrong? How to save battery on iPhone 6s iOS 15?” save iphone 6 battery

Since the release of iOS 15, many iPhone 6S/6 users just cannot wait to experience the cool features of this new software version in advance. However, some users sadly found out battery draining a little fast on their device after update. Luckily, this article will offer some useful iPhone battery saving tips to help you extend iPhone 6/6s battery life on iOS 15.

Tip 1. Check What Drains iPhone Battery

When your iPhone 6/6s battery drains fast, check what is the top power-consuming app on your device. You can close the app; turn off notifications or background refresh to increase iPhone 6s battery life on iOS 15.

Go to Settings > General > Battery. Scroll down to see what’s the biggest battery drainer in the past 24 hours or last 7 days.

check battery usage

Tip 2. Turn Down Screen Brightness

Sometimes if the screen is too bright, the iPhone battery will also go down quickly. Thus, it is suggested to turn down screen brightness a little bit to save battery on iPhone. Low brightness can also help to protect your eyesight.

Go to Settings > Display > Brightness and adjust the brightness slider to turn down the screen brightness.

check battery usage

Tip 3. Turn Off Background App Refresh

When the Background App Refresh is enabled, it allows apps to refresh their content when connected to network, which will consume much iPhone battery. Thus, disable Background App Refresh will be an effective way to save more battery life on iPhone 6s. Here's how to conserve battery on iPhone 6s by turning off Background App Refresh.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Tap on the option to disable this feature. You can also keep it on but close the apps you don’t use frequently to save iPhone battery lifespan.

disable app refresh

Tip 4. Clean up Files on iPhone 6/6s

When there is too much file and data accumulated in an app, every time you launch it, it will load these data too. The more files piled in an app, the more power will be consumed. It’s really necessary to clean out the files of app which you do not use for a long time to maximize iPhone battery lifespan.

5. Disable Location Service

Locations service is also the top power consuming apps. It is used in a lot of situations, like locate a restaurant, exact driving directions and more. You can turn off this feature to save battery power on iPhone 6/6S easily.

Go to Settings > Privacy. Click “Location Services” to close it.

close location service

Tip 6. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Many people usually forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are not using. This makes the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth keeps searching network and other devices and dies iPhone battery faster. So how to preserve iPhone battery? Well, it's quite simple. You just need to swipe up from the Home screen, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.

disable app refresh

Tip 7. Extend iPhone 6 Battery Life on iOS 15 by Manually Fetch Email

Another easy tip to prolong battery life on iPhone 6 with iOS 15 is to set iPhone to check email accounts manually or less often. Here's how to make your iPhone battery last longer.

Open Settings app, choose Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Tap on the Push option to close it. You can also set the period of mail fetching to Hourly or Manually.

disable app refresh

Tip 8. Auto-Lock iPhone Sooner

When you are not using iPhone, it will go to sleep in a few minutes if you have set the auto-lock. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used.

Tap Settings > Display > Brightness > Auto-Lock, and then choose your preference.

disable app refresh


So the above are all the tips and tricks we’ve gathered for saving battery on iPhone 6s/6 after iOS 15 update. You can find more iOS 15 battery drain fixes here.