How to Fix Notifications Grouping Not Working iOS 15/14/13/12

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-09-07 / Update for  iOS 12

"Anyone else having this problem? The notifications are not grouped in iOS 15 abd coming the same way as they did in iOS 14. Where multiple notifications from the same app just appear separately."

ios group notifications

With the help of group notifications app, iOS device users can experience a more organized system of receiving alerts and notifications. Any notification or alert from any app can be easily read or removed from your iOS device's screen. In some cases, even after enabling the group notifications, you will notice iOS 15 grouped notifications not working.

This issue can be easily fixed in many ways. This article elaborates the top 6 efficient ways of fixing this issue.

Way 1: Enable Notification Grouping for Each App

This is the most common way of fixing the issue of groups notifications not getting organized. If you have not enabled Group Notifications on your device, all the notifications and alerts you receive will be listed out in a very unorganized manner and you will have to deal with the cumbersome process of going through each and every notification and alert to find a particular app's notification. Enabling the "Group Notifications", fixes this limitation and all the notifications and alerts will be organized and you will be able to view the notification of a particular app more easily.

Step 1:  Go to your device's "Settings".

Step 2: Click on "Notifications".

Step 3: You will see all the apps listed here. Click on the app for which you want to group the notifications.

Step 4: After this, tap on "Notification Grouping".

Step 5: Click on the "By App" tab.

enabling notification for each app

You will have to repeat this entire procedure if you wish to group the notifications of any other app. You can even disable the group notifications for each app if you no longer require it.

Way 2: Enable Always Show Notifications

The basic glitches with the group notification feature of your device like notifications not grouping can be fixed quickly by this method.

Step 1: From your device's "Settings", select "Notifications".

Step 2: Click on "Show Previews"

Step 3: Select the option "Always".

enable always show notifications

After enabling this, a full preview of all the notifications and alerts will appear on the lock screen. There is this slight inconvenience of your private notifications also being displayed on the lock screen. If you are ok with that, then you can go ahead with this method.

Way 3: Set Time & Date Automatically

The problem of group notifications not working can be fixed by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Choose "General" option from device "Settings" and go to "Date & Time".

data and time iphone

Step 2: Press "Set Automatically".

set time and date automatically

This will automatically set your time and date based on your time zone.

Way 4: Force-Restart your Device

If the group notification is still not working on your iOS device, you can try force restarting your device.

Force restart iPhone 6 and earlier,

Step 1: Simultaneously press the "Sleep/Wake" switch and "Home" switch.

Step 2: Keep holding both the buttons for nearly 10 secs until the Apple logo appears.

Force restart for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,

Step 1: Press the "Volume down" switch and hold it for a while.

Step 2: Simultaneously press the "Sleep/Wake" switch.

Step 3: Keep holding both the buttons for nearly 10 secs until the Apple logo appears.

Step 4: Release both the buttons and your device will restart

Force restart of iPhone 8 and iPhone X,

Step 1: Simultaneously, press "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" key together quickly.

Step 2: Press and hold the side key simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Your device will then restart.

force restart iphone

Way 5: Reset All Settings

If any of the above-mentioned methods don't work, try this method of resetting all your iOS device settings. You can do this by following this step by step procedure.

Step 1: Go to "Setting" and hit "General".

Step 2: Click on "Reset"

Step 3: Select the option "Reset All Settings"

Step 4: Type your phone passcode for verification and again select "Reset All Settings".

reset all settings of iphone

You can then check if Group Notifications is working or not.

Way 6: Repair iOS System with ReiBoot

Instead of trying and testing so many methods to fix the issue of iPhone notifications grouping not working, you can save time and effort by simply downloading and installing Tenorshare ReiBoot software which is a third party tool designed to provide the best option of fixing many iOS device system errors. You can use this application to solve group notifications issue by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download Tenorshare ReiBoot and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open the program on your computer and with the help of a USB cable connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 3: After your phone is detected, click on the option "Fix All iOS Stuck".

main interface of reiboot

Step 4: Download the latest iOS Firmware by clicking on "Download".

download latest firmware

Step 5: To start the repair process, click on "Start Repair".

start repairing iphone

Along with fixing iOS system errors, this software also will download a fresh working version of iOS 15 which will be free of any such errors.


Although, the problem of iOS 15 notifications not working can be fixed in many easy ways, fixing it through Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best option to fix iOS update problems effectly. It is a very convenient and powerful tool which can perform many functions like, updating, repairing, and downgrading your system very easily. This software can be used by both Windows and Mac users. Fixing the common issues of your iOS device becomes fairly simple and quick with it. Highly recommended!

  Updated on 2021-09-07 / Update for  iOS 12

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