How to Backup Apple Watch Without iPhone

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-12-24 / Update for  Applewatch Tips

“My iPhone died on me recently and the last backup I did is over a month old. And the Apple Watch can be no longer connected to the phone, so if I erase the data there is no phone to store backup, I will lose my data. What do I do?”

“Is it possible to backup Apple Watch without a paired iPhone?”

Apple Watch is without any doubt the most efficient smartwatch on the market. According to the company the backup of Apple Watch is stored to the paired iPhone and if you store the phone’s backup to the iCloud or iTunes, the backup file of the Apple Watch will also be there. But several people are asking if it is possible to backup Apple Watch without iPhone, as somehow their iPhones have died or damaged to the point that they are not working.

So, Is It Really Possible to Backup Apple Watch Without iPhone?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question would be “No”. Without the paired iPhone it is impossible to backup the Apple Watch. So, at this moment when you are pairing your watch with a new phone or a replacement phone, you will only get the data included the last time you to backup your watch while un-pairing, and other recent data will be lost. The backup of activity and health data must be encrypted so, if the backups are made through iTunes without any encryption option, then the data will not include any health and activity data.

What Can You Do?

As it is not possible to back up apple watch in iTunes without the phone or in that case in icloud too, the best option is to get a new phone and pair the Apple Watch with it. This will ensure that you get the last backed up data on your new iPhone. In case, if you want to pair your Apple Watch again with your new iPhone, here’s how to make a backup of Apple Watch:

  • First set up your new iPhone and restore the most recent backup that you had on your previous phone to the new phone.
  •  setting up apple watch with new iphone
  • Now, while setting up, if your iPhone ask you if you want to use an Apple Watch, just tap “Continue”. This is how to pair Apple Watch to another iPhone.

And you are done, it is that easy! As the Apple Watch backs up data through your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, your new phone does the job on its own easily.

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