iPhone Green Screen, Why and How to Fix

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-07-01 / Update for  iPhone Fix

iPhone 12 green screen can be added to the iPhone display probelm list. Several users have complained that there is a noticeable green tint on iPhone 12 when the display brightness is set to around 90% or lower. A similar green tinted display issue also affected iPhone 11/X/XS before.We have looked into it, and there are a few solutions that can fix iPhone green screen. Check out our article for more details.

green tint on iphone display

Part 1. What Cause iPhone Green Screen?

Well, there could be several reasons. The iPhone green tint problem occurs randomly after unlocking the device, restarting in little cases or under some other conditions. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to determine which particular reason has caused the problem on your iPhone. But don’t worry, we have listed the general reasons that can cause iphone screen turning green. Let’s check them out.

  • Screen burn-in.
  • Improper display settings.
  • iOS system bug.
  • Damaged OLED / LED screen or driver circuit.
  • Physical liquid damage.

Part 2. How to Fix iPhone Green Screen?

Here are a few solutions capable of fixing iPhone screen green tint. All the solutions are listed below, along with associated steps.

Fix 1. Force Restart Your iPhone

First, we recommend a force restart to fix iPhone green screen. This is a pretty general and easy fix, but can fix several minor issues with the device.

So, it is worth checking out. Now, the force restart method on the iPhones is a bit different. The older models are equipped for a certain button combination, but the newer ones aren't. So, we have listed all the variations below.

  • For iPhone 8 and Newer: The next-generation iPhones use completely different button combinations. Tap the Volume Up button and then tap the Volume down button. Now, hold the Power button until the Apple logo is visible on the screen.
  • For iPhone 7/7Plus: You have to hold the Power with the Volume Down button. Hold for 10 seconds and release when the Apple logo is displayed.

    my iPhone showing green screen
  • For iPhone 6S/6S Plus/SE: Hold the Power and Home buttons together. Release buttons as soon as Apple logo is visible.

Fix 2. Manage Display Settings On iPhone

If force restart didn’t work, then you should work on display management to fix green tint on iPhone screen. Display management is not a single steps procedure; there are a few things you can do and figure which one works for your iPhone. All of them are detailed below. Check them out.

1. Enable Auto-brightness feature

First, we will be enabling the auto-brightness feature.

  • Tap on 'General' under 'Settings'.
  • Then, go to 'Accessibility'.
  • You will find the 'Display Accommodations' option there. Use it to enable auto-brightness.

    fix iphone green screen

2. Enable True Tone

  • Go to the 'Settings' on your iPhone.
  • Tap on 'Display & Brightness'.
  • Lastly, tap on 'Tone' and enable True Tone.

    green screen iphone

3. Set short auto-lock time

  • Tap on 'Display & Brightness' under 'Settings'.
  • Tap on 'Auto-Lock' and set a short auto-lock time.

4. Enabling Automatic Brightness Control

  • Tap on 'General' under 'Settings'.
  • Then, go to 'Display & Brightness'.
  • You will find the 'Automatic' option there. Enable the Automatic brightness control feature here.

Fix 3. Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

If display management wasn't successful and you are still troubled by iPhone X green screen, then reset all settings on your iPhone. If you reset all the settings on your iPhone, things you will get difficult for you, for sure. But that is only for a limited time. The upside is that this reset may fix the green tint on your iPhone display. Let’s check out the steps.

  • Open 'Settings' on your iPhone and tap on 'General'.
  • Tap on 'Reset'.
  • Locate 'Reset All Settings' option under 'Reset'.

    why is my iphone screen tinted green

All your customized settings will be gone for sure within a few minutes. After that, reboot the iPhone and check if the green screen has disappeared on not.

Fix 4. Update to the latest iOS to Fix iPhone 12 Green Screen

'How do I fix the green screen on my iPhone X?' Apple says that it is aware of customer reports related to this issue and is investigating. And it is trying to fix the green screen issue on iPhone 12/11/11 Pro/X in iOS 14.6. This guidance suggests that Apple may be confident that it can fix iPhone 12 green screen issue in a software update.

It is not clear that whether the issue is related to the iOS system but you can try to update iOS see if Apple's new iOS update will solve this bug or not.

Part 3. Repair iOS to Fix iPhone 12/11 Green Screen

The iPhone 12 green screen problem seems to occur randomly when the display brightness is set to around 90% and lower, or after unlocking the device. And many people faces having green tint issue on iPhone 12 after updating to iOS 14.6. So, the best way to fix iphone green screen of death would be to use a professional software - Tenorshare ReiBoot, which fixes the glitch with iOS by repairing the system. Now, there are several programs available for this task.

  • Complete the installation of ReiBoot on a computer.
  • After that, connect the iOS device and run ReiBoot. Select the 'Repair Operating system' option on the main interface.

    iphone green screen
  • After that, click on the 'Fix Now' and proceed.

    iphone x green screen
  • Then, download the required firmware. Set a path and click 'Download'.

    how do i fix the green screen on my iphone x
  • When firmware has been downloaded completely, click the 'Repair Now' button below.

    my iphone is showing a green screen

Repairing the iOS with ReiBoot will fix many screen issues including iphone screen flickering green, black screen of death, etc. It is the best possible way to fix this problem, keep that in mind.


The iPhone green screen is one of the most occurring and troubling problems faced by the users. But it can be fixed, just use the solutions we have discussed in the article. They should be helpful. If you are still having trouble, then use Tenorshare ReiBoot and fix the entire system altogether.

FAQs on iPhone Green Screen

1. Why is There A Green Tint on My iPhone?

So, why is my iPhone screen tinted green? Well, the iPhone screen green issue mainly considered to have appeared due to firmware issues in most cases, but in a handful of situations, the same problem is also caused by defected iOS or software issues.

2. How do I fix the green screen on my iPhone 11?

Fixing the iPhone 11 green screen problem is easy. You can do a simple force restart; if the problem is minor, then it should get fixed. Otherwise, you can adjust the display settings, reset all settings or update the iOS to fix the problem. If nothing works, you can use a professional iOS repair tool - Tenorshare ReiBoot.

3. What does it mean when your iPhone screen goes green?

iPhone 12 (mini), iPhone 12 Pro(Max) displays exhibiting flickering, a green or gray glow, or other unintended lighting variations when the display brightness is set to around 90% and lower or under other conditions. A similar iPhone screen green tint also affected some iPhone 11, 11 Pro, X and XS models when unlocking the device, or restarting iPhone sometimes.