iPhone 12/12 Pro Stuck on Apple Logo? Fix Now

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-03-10 / Update for  iPhone 12

Buying a new iPhone is probably the happiest day for many people but this happiness last short if your iPhone continuously stuck on Apple logo and can’t get past it. Apple has released iPhone 12 recently and many users are facing this problem now. It is a very common – and frustrating issue – that we all have been already aware of.

Part 1: Why Is My iPhone 12 Stuck on the Apple Logo

By understanding what might have caused my new iPhone 12 is stuck on the Apple Logo, we can better implement our solutions. Some of the common reasons as to why my iPhone 12 is stuck on the apple logo are.

  • Error in iOS upgrade
  • Any glitch in the iOS system
  • Failed to restore from iTunes and get stuck on Apple logo
  • You are trying to jailbreak the device

Fix 10+ iPhone 12/12 Pro Stuck on Apple Logo Scenarios

Now that you know why your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, let us read how to fix 10+ iPhone 12 stuck on Apple logo scenarios.

In general, a user can face the below scenarios in case of Apple logo stuck error:

  • iPhone 12 wont turn on stuck on Apple Logo
  • iPhone 12/12 Pro stuck on Apple Logo without restoring
  • iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo after update
  • iPhone 12/12 Pro stuck on Apple Logo adter reset
  • iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo and wont connect to iTunes
  • iPhone 12 Apple Logo Flashing
  • iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo during Update
  • iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo loop
  • iPhone 12 stuck on white Apple Logo
  • iPhone 12/12 Pro keeps restarting Apple Logo
  • My iPhone 12/12 Pro keeps showing the Apple Logo and turning off

Part 2: The Quickest Way to Fix iPhone 12 Won’t Turn on Apple Logo

You will find a myriad of methods online to iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue, but Tenorshare ReiBoot is the quickest method to repair your iPhone 12. Unlike other third-party tools, ReiBoot is 100% safe and reliable to use and doesn’t cause any damage to your mobile device.

    Make sure you have done:

    • Download and install ReiBoot on your Windows or Mac.
    • Buy ReiBoot or register ReiBoot if you have bought before.
    • Run it and connect your device to it with a USB cable.
  • To solve iPhone 12 stuck on Apple logo issue, click 'Start'to use iOS System Repair feature.

    what do i do if my iPhone is stuck on the apple logo? – fix iphone
  • Then, you will enter a new window. I suggest you to use 'Standard Repair' which fix your issue without data loss. Press the button to continue the process.

    iphone stuck on apple logo without restoring – fix now
  • Now, the program will show the latest firmware package matching your mobile’s specifications. Click on Download to start downloading it.

    iPhone update stuck on apple logo - firmware
  • Now, you can click 'Start Standard Repair' to fix your issue. It may take a while to repair your iPhone 12, please wait patiently.

    iPhone stuck on white screen with apple logo – repair now
  • Now, your iPhone will reboot automatically after the repair process completed.

    iPhone 12 is stuck on apple logo - completed

Video Guide:

Part 3: Free & Common Methods to Fix iPhone 12 Update Stuck on Apple Logo

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fix this issue. The solution depends on what reasons caused your iPhone to stuck in the first place. However, we will elaborate 3 methods that have worked well form many iPhone users to fix Apple iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo error.

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone 12

Start by force restarting your iPhone 12. It is the easiest way to get rid of iPhone stuck issue as it removes any temporary bug or glitch in the system software. To fore restart:

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button.
  • Now, press and hold the side button (power button) until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Your iPhone will then force restart.

    my iPhone 12 is stuck on apple logo – force restart

Solution 2: Restore iPhone 12 in Recovery Mode with iTunes

For many users facing the same issue, restoring iPhone in recovery mode with iTunes showed satisfactory results in solving the frozen Apple logo issue.

For that, you have to put your iPhone in the recovery mode using ReiBoot.

  • After installing ReiBoot, connect your iPhone to the computer via original cable.

    reiboot recovery mode
  • After the program detects your iPhone, hit in Enter Recovery Mode on the main interface.

    reiboot recovery mode
  • Within a couple of minutes, ReiBoot will put your iPhone in recovery mode.

    reiboot recovery mode

Now, your mobile will show ‘connect to iTunes’ logo. To restore iPhone in recovery mode using iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Locate your iPhone in the iTunes and click on it to open a dialogue box showing Restore and Update options.
  • Click on Restore option and iTunes will restore your mobile to get rid of Apple logo stuck issue.

Solution 3: Pass iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen by Entering DFU Mode

As a last resort, you have to enter DFU mode to overcome this issue. This method also results in complete data loss of your iPhone.

Follow the below steps to put an iPhone 12 in DFU mode:

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer and launch iTunes.
  • Now, press and release the volume up key and then, press and release the volume down key.
  • Then, press and hold the side key until the screen blacks out (don’t release the button).
  • After 5-10 seconds, release the power key but keep pressing the volume down key until a dialogue box pops out showing "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
  • Click on Ok to

    apple logo stuck on iPhone 12 – dfu mode

Solution 4: Contact with Apple Support to Solve Hardware Problem

If none of the above-mentioned methods works, then there must be an issue in the iOS system hardware. In such a scenario, you have to contact the Apple support services to repair your iPhone 12 and get rid of iPhone 12 stuck on white screen with apple logo issue.


This article has provided detailed insights into why Apple logo stuck issue occurs in your iPhone 12 and how can you overcome it. So, whenever you face iPhone 12 won’t turn on stuck on apple logo error, read this guide and implement the methods discussed one-by-one to fix your iPhone.

But as an iPhone user myself, I recommend you to install Tenorshare ReiBoot to repair iPhone. This multi-functional software detects the root cause of this – and many other – issues and repair your iPhone within a few minutes.