[2024] How to Factory Reset iPad When Locked Out in 4 Ways

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-01-30 / Update for  iPad

Passcodes are important. But after you use difficult or random 6-digit passcodes on your iPad, there is a very high chance that you forget it. It leads to iPad being locked and then you wonder how to factory reset iPad when locked out. We will look at all these possible methods to reset a locked iPad here.

Way 1: Factory Reset Locked iPad via 4uKey iPad Unlocker

When you forget your iPad passcode, you are probably going to do some wrong attempts and this will lock your iPad. The first method in our list and by far one of the most reliable methods is Tenorshare 4uKey. It works perfectly to factory reset locked iPad. You can do it without iTunes in just a few steps. Watch the video tutorial or follow the directions given below.

  • Install and launch 4uKey on your computer and connect your iPad to it via USB.

  • On the main interface, click on Start to start the passcode removal process for your iPad.

    4ukey factory reset locked ipad
  • Download the firmware package before you can go on. Click on the Download button.

    download firmware package on 4ukey
  • After that, click on the 'Start Remove' button to factory reset your locked iPad.

    start to factory reset ipad without passcode using 4ukey
  • The process completes in a few minutes. The program removes the forgotten passcode and reset locked iPad to factory settings.

Way 2: Factory Reset A Locked iPad without Computer

This second method we will try does not require your computer. What you do need are your Apple ID credentials logged in the locked iPad, your iPad running iOS 15.2 or later and your iPad connected to Wifi/Cellular data. The three requirements must be met. If not, you can go back to the first method to factory reset locked iPad.

  • Firstly get your iPad in iPad Unavailable or Security Lockout mode by entering the wrong passcodes many times until you see the option of Erase iPad.

    ipad unavailable 15 minute erase locked ipad
  • Tap that. Next tap on Erase iPad again to confirm factory resetting all contents and settings.
  • You will be asked to enter Apple ID password to it. After doing so, your iPad will reset and you can set it up again.

    how to erase a locked ipad in ipad unavailable

Way 3: Locked Out of iPad Factory Reset with iTunes

This is a method for people who manage their iPad on a computer with iTunes regularly. In this case, iPad has already trusted the computer. It is easy to connect the iPad to the computer and factory reset the locked iPad.

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPad using the lightning fast cable.
  • Now go to the Summary tab and then click on Restore iPad.

    reset locked ipad to factory settings via itunes
  • A pop up will confirm the action after you turn off the Find My iPad feature and it will factory reset locked iPad.

Way 4: Locked Out of iPad Factory Reset with iCloud

Wondering iPad locked how to reset? Well, the last method involves iCloud. Find My iPad can show your iPad’s last known position and also present you with a few options such as Erase iPad. It will factory reset your locked iPad without passcode.

  • Open iCloud website on a computer and login using your Apple ID.
  • After you have signed in properly, click on Find iPhone/iPad. Open the Find My page, select your iPad from the All Devices list.
  • Click on Erase iPad and complete the factory reset process.

    reset locked ipad to factory settings via icloud

FAQS on Factory Reset Locked iPad

Beisdes the 4 methods for locked iPad reset to factory, let’s look at some of the most common queries when it comes iPad factory reset.

1. Can I factory reset iCloud locked iPad?

Yes, it is possible. Doing so will wipe the iPad and clear of all data except the iCloud lock. You have to enter Apple ID and password in the activation screen and then set up the iPad as brand new.

2. How to factory reset locked iPad with buttons?

You can hard reset your iPad with volume and power buttons, but you can not factory reset iPad using buttons. However, you can put your iPad into recovery mode with buttons and then factory reset it via iTunes.

3. How to avoid data loss after factory reset locked iPad?

Data will always be lost if you perform a factory reset on your locked iPad. However, if you had made a backup to iTunes or iCloud before the iPad got locked, then get your data back while setting up the device after a factory reset.

4. How to factory reset locked iPhone?

iPhone and iPad share the same ways and same process to get factory reset. So you can use all the above 4 ways to factory reset your locked iPhone too.


Factory reset locked iPad is a skill that almost every iPad user should know for the reason that we encounter this situation very often. Whether it is a friend’s iPad that gets locked or ours, use Apple ID, Tenorshare 4uKey, iTunes or iCloud to solve it correctly.

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