How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password

Resetting your iPhone can be the solution for some kind of minor software issue that you might face while using your iPhone 6. There can be other many reasons to factory reset the iPhone. Some users may forgot iPhone apple id/iCloud/screen password or accidently get the device bricked due to too many wrong password attempt. There are normally 3 ways on how to factory reset iPhone 6 without password. But you need to know that factory resetting you iPhone 6 will erase all the data and information of your device. So, if you have already backed up your iPhone 6 previously then you are safe otherwise you need to lose everything.  

Way 1: Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password using iPhone Unlocker Tool

The best way to factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode is by using iPhone unlocker tool Tenorshare 4uKey. 4uKey is a wonderful tool that not only unlock your iPhone but also helps to factory reset the device. It can break any kind of lock of your iPhone whether it be 4-digit/6-digit passcode or Touch ID & Face ID. This tool is fully compatible with iOS 13/12/11 and even works if your iPhone's display or buttons are broken. You can factory reset your iPhone 6 or factory iPhone X just in few clicks. This tool is more reliable as well as works faster than iTunes and iCloud.

Note: Download Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer and install it before performing this process.

Procedure on how to factory reset iPhone 6s without password:

1. Connect your iPhone 6s to computer and open 4uKey.

unlcok locked screen interface connect your iphone to 4ukey

2. 4uKey will detect your iPhone 6s >> Click "Start" to continue.

download latest  firmware package online

3. Download the latest firmware package online and also choose a save path.

4. Click on Download option.

download latest  firmware package online

5. Once the firmware is downloaded, click on "Unlock Now" to start erasing your iPhone passcode.

downloaded completed  and click unlock now buttone

You have factory reset your iPhone successfully.

 removing the passcode  of iphone

You can restore your iPhone if you have previous backup. Following is our video tutorial:

Way 2: Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password using iTunes

You can even factory reset iPhone 6 using iTunes. You just need to download and install latest version of iTunes on your computer and get a working USB cable to connect the iPhone with computer. You just need to put your iPhone 6 into recovery mode and restore with iTunes but the drawback is iTunes may not connect to locked iPhone and it is not even fast like 4uKey. Make sure to back up all your data and information of your iPhone previously so that you can restore the back up later.

Procedure on how to factory reset iPhone 6 without Passcode using iTunes:

1. Connect your iPhone 6 using USB Cable and launch iTunes.

2. Power off your iPhone 6 by holding the sleep/wake button and swiping it off.

power off iphone

3. Now keep pressing and holding home button without leaving the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds.

iphone 6 recovery mode screens

4. Leave the sleep/wake button but keep holding the home button unless you don't get a pop up from iTunes that says to update or retore the iPhone.

itunes detected  iphne in recovery mode

5. Click on Restore button and you will factory reset your iPhone 6.

factory reset iphone  using itunes

Way 3: Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password using iCloud

If you feel like you want to factory reset iPhone 6 over Wi-Fi or without the use of USB cable then you better use iCloud. All you have to do is, just login to iCloud official website and you can erase the device from there. You will need to login to iCloud website using same Apple ID that you have used on your iPhone 6. You don't even need to have your iPhone 6 on your hand. You can just do it remotely.

Note: Find My iPhone should be enabled prior to make this method work.

Procedure on how to factory reset iPhone 6 without Passcode using iCloud:

Visit and enter your Apple ID and Password to login.

login page of icloud

1. Select "All Devices" and also select your iPhone that you want to wipe.

2. Now Click on "Erase iPhone".

erase iphone 6 using  icloud

3. After that answer the security question or enter the verification code which is sent to your other devices in case you are not using a trusted browser.

4. If you are using trusted browser then simply click on Trust which will lead you to factory reset your iPhone 6.

Write in the End

It will take a little while to complete the process and once your iPhone has been factory reset, you can set your iPhone as new or even restore your iPhone if you have back up.

I hope now you have learned how to factory reset iPhone 6 Plus without password. The solution mentioned above are given according to its performance and reliability. iPhone unlocker tool -4uKey works smoothly and doesn't get you in any problem during the factory resetting process. This tool is fast and convenient compared to iTunes and iCloud. So, just give a try and experience your best.

Let us know what you think about 4uKey after using it. Give us you feedback in comment section below. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. 

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