Find My iPhone Offline: All You Need To Know 2023

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-11-23 / Update for  Apple ID

It can be tricky when you lose your iPhone or don't know where it is. The thing becomes more complex when your iPhone is offline. Can you locate it with offline Find My network? We discuss about it and elaborate on how to find an iPhone that is offline. Read it all to get Find My iPhone offline.

Part 1: What Does Offline Mean on Find My iPhone

What does it mean when Find My iPhone says offline? You may notice that there is an Offline status under your iPhone in iCloud Find iPhone. Simply speaking,it means that iCloud cannot track your iPhone easily. And sometimes it also say "Location Services Off" or "No location available".

how to find my iphone offline

Part 2: Why is My iPhone Offline in Find My

There are many reasons that cause Find My iPhone is showing offline status, which include:

  • There is no network connection on your lost iPhone, or the device you used to find your iPhone is not connected to an available network.
  • Your lost iPhone runs out of battery and is powered off.
  • Airplane mode has been turned on on your iPhone.
  • Location services are not available.

Part 3: Does Find My iPhone Work in Offline

As for an offline iPhone, can I still find where it is? Will Find My iPhone work in offline? That's your bigger concern. Well, take it easy. Find My app will help even if your iPhone is offline or shut down.

With the advancement of iPhone system and improvements in Find My, it will track your offline device with Find My network. It is an extensive encrypted network of millions of Apple devices that helps send location of your lost device and let you locate where it is.

Also, you can get Find My iPhone offline last known location. If it hadn't been moved, your device would still be there. And turn on the Notify When Found option to receive a notification whenever it is located.

Part 4: How to Find An iPhone that is Offline

Now you know that Find My iPhone still works in offline. How to find the offline iPhone? There is no difference from the way you find an online device. You can use the Find My app or iCloud website. To find an iPhone is offline:

  • Open the Find My app and tap on the Devices tab. Select the offline device you are looking for. It will show you the location.

    how to find my iphone offline

    You can play sound when it is nearby or give directions to the location. And you should mark it as lost or erase this device if your iPhone has been picked up by others.

  • Sign into with your Apple ID and password. Then click on Find iPhone. Then select your lost device in All Devices.

    how to find my iphone offline

    You will see the location with several available options including play sound, lost mode, and erase iPhone.

Extra Tip: How to Turn off Find My iPhone without Password

So you know about iCloud Find My iPhone offline. Here's an extra tip for removing Apple ID and turning off Find My iPhone without password via Tenorshare 4uKey. Although many people will not forget their Apple ID passwords, it could also happen if you find your old Apple ID account. Let's see how it can be done.

  • Download and start 4uKey on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone to it using a lightning-fast cable. Choose Remove Apple ID to begin.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey
  • After the program detect your iPhone, you can read the notes and then click on Start Remove to proceed.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey
  • You need to set up the screen lock passcode and enable the two-factor authentication for iOS 11.4 or later.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey
  • After that, download the matching firmware package.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey
  • Once the download has been completed, click on Start Remove to begin removing the Apple ID from your iPhone which will also disable Find My iPhone on it.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey
  • It takes a few minutes. And please do follow the steps on the screen to set up your iPhone.

    how to turn off find my iphone with 4ukey


That is all about Find My iPhone offline in this article. With the technology improvements of Find My iPhone, you can now easily find your lost iPhone or any other Apple devices, even if it is offline. And when you have forgotten the Apple ID password while turning off the Find My iPhone, Tenorshare 4uKey can benefit you.