Where and How to Buy iTunes Gift Card

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  iTunes Tips

Hopped on an iTunes Gift Card on your birthday? Or searching where to buy iTunes gift card? Do you know what wonders can itdo for you? We're here to enlighten you about the same.  But before we proceed, let's acquaint ourselves with the meaning of it. An iTunes Gift card consists of a redeemable code that is encrypted in the back of the card. This code can be used in making the purchases from the apple stores. In this article, we will be addressing the questions like where to buy iTunes gift card from, what can you buy with an iTunes gift card and how to buy iTunes gift card?

Where can I buy iTunes Gift Card & What can I buy with iTunes Gift Card

Now you must be wondering where can I buy iTunes card from? There are various means of obtaining this card- online or offline. It all depends upon your convenience of purchase.

Online Mode:

  • There is a much convenient way to get hands on the card without taking the pain to drive all the way to a shop! You can Purchase the card by the Official Apple Website, Paypal and Ebay or from the assured online web stores.

Offline Mode:

  • Whether on road or mall, you can grab the iTunes Gift card from the nearest recognised Apple Store, Walmart, Bestbuy or any gas stations nearbyand buy the iTunes gift card code.

Coming on What can you buy with iTunes Gift card? First of all, the iTunes gift card is not solely redeemable at iTunes only, rather one can redeem it in various apple stores like iBookstore, Apple Store, iTunes etc etc.  The iTunes gift card carries a redeemable code that will unlock into a credit, when entered in the desired apple store.So, the next time you plan to gift an iTunes Gift card, you will be well versed with its dynamic functionality and that your friend will have quite some options to ponder upon. 

How to Buy iTunes Gift Card Online

It is much better to grab a gift card online than search for it here and there. But you must ensure to buy the cards from the trusted websites. We will guide you thoroughly on how to buy the iTunes Gift Card on line.

Step 1 Open the web browser and visit to https://www.apple.com/shop/gift-cards to purchase the gift cards.

Step 2- Overview the gift card, choose a design accordingly.

Step 3- After selecting the design, enter the amount to be displayed on the card which can range from $10-$200.

itunes gift card  purchase1

Step 4- Once the amount has been entered, enter the name and email address of the recipient and sender respectively. You can now cart your selection and proceed to check out.

itunes gift card  purchase2

Step 5- Tap the 'Check out' tab, sign in with the registered Apple ID. Ensure that the billing information is correct. For payment purpose, enter the Security number of the credit number and Proceed to continue. 

itunes gift card  purchase3

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Backup of Data

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initiate backup

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backup completed

Restoring Data

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select itunes backup

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restore data to iphone

Summing Up

We are now acquainted with the overview of Where and How to buy the iTunes Gift card. Thus, it is very convenient to buy iTunes Gift card online or offline, depending upon your choice. So, the next time you are planning to surprise your friends or family, gift them an iTunes gift card as you are quite well versed with the whereabouts of it!