How to Fix Face ID Failed Problems?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Fix iPhone

Users who pre-ordered iPhone X/10 on Oct. 27 are getting their new iPhone X these days. However, lots of people are reporting various problems about Face ID, the most shining feature of iPhone X, like iPhone X Face ID not working, iPhone X won’t unlock, iPhone Face ID mistake etc. Here are top 5 iPhone X Face ID problems and how to solve them.

Part 1. Common Problems about iPhone X Face ID

Here are some common problems iPhone X users encounter these days.

1. iPhone X Face ID Failed to Set up.

You are unable to access Apple ID settings on iPhone X and stuck at recognizing interface. Double click takes you to previous page.

Face ID cannot set up

2. iPhone X Won’t Unlock

Face ID, which has been firstly adopted to iPhone X, appears to have many recognizing problems, just like what happened to Touch ID years ago. People are reporting that iPhone X Face ID cannot recognize their face while their Face ID has been set.

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3. iPhone X Face ID Not Working

Face ID is the most attractive feature of iPhone X, which allows you to unlock your iPhone without entering passcode, use Apple pay and purchase in App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks etc. However, some users claim that Face ID doesn’t work to unlock apps and iPhone X is totally unresponsive when faced with the owner’s face.

4. iPhone X Unable to Unlock If I Have Contacts Lens on

Face ID cannot tell your face when you wear contacts lens. Therefore, it just keeps scanning but remains unable to unlock.

5. iPhone X Face ID Mistake

A user complains on Twitter that iPhone X unlocked after he showed it to his wife. Nevertheless, a man said he can unlock his friend’s iPhone X since they look alike.

Part 2. Possible Solutions to Fix iPhone X Face ID Issues

1. Things you need to check first:

  • The TrueDepth camera is covered by nothing.
  • Your face, including eyes, nose, mouth, are directly facing the TrueDepth Camera without any block.
  •  Keep the 10-20 inches between iPhone X and your face for clear recognition.
  •  Don’t use Face ID under backlight when you are outside in bright sunlight.

2. Remove Glasses

According to Apple, Face ID is designed to work with many glasses. However, if you are wearing the glasses that blocks certain types of light, the infrared camera can hardly tell your face. To avoid this, please remove your sunglasses or contacts lens,

3. Update to the Latest iOS System

If you are sure the physical conditions are all correctly set but your problem is unsolved, you need to check if you are running the latest iOS system on iPhone X. As we know, Face ID is firstly introduced on iPhone X, it will have some problems inevitably. Updating the operating system to the latest version is the simplest tips to fix some unexpected bugs. You’d better back up your iPhone X first in case of losing data during update. Then go Settings app>General>Software Update to download and install the latest OS.

4. Check Face ID Settings on iPhone X

Another tip that you may ignore is that you need to check if you have enabled Face ID Unlock. Go Settings>Face ID & Passcode. If you want to use Face ID to unlock, switch on the iPhone Unlock option.

Face ID to unlock

5. Reset Face ID

If you find iPhone X not working and you cannot use it to do anything, like unlock, purchase etc, you can try to reset Face ID. It will erase all the existing face data and set up a new Face ID. Go Settings>Face ID & Passcode>Reset Face ID.

6. Force Reboot iPhone X

Force restarting is always helpful when you encounter various iOS stuck, like iPhone stuck at Apple logo/black screen/DFU mode/blue screen. You can try this method when iPhone X stuck at Face ID scanning.

Step 1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Step 2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
Step 3: Press and hold the Side (Sleep/Wake) button until the Apple logo appears.

force reboot iphone x

7. Reset All Settings

If iPhone X Face ID failed to recognize your face, even if you set a new Face ID, another method you can try is to reset all settings. It will reset iPhone X to its default settings without losing data. Reset all settings option works for many iPhone problems, like Wi-Fi disconnection error, Go Settings>General>Reset>Rest All Settings

8. Repair iOS System to Fix Face ID Problems

The iPhone X Face ID problems can be caused by system glitches. Methods above don’t always function well, especially when your iPhone X goes through certain system damage. You can use an effective tool, Tenorshare ReiBoot, to repair the operating system without data loss, which works great if Face ID fails to recognize your face or mistakes your face for others’.

windows download btn mac download btn

Step 1. Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot. Connect iPhone X to your PC/Mac. Run Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Step 2. Click Fix All iOS Stuck. It will jump to Repair Operating System interface.

launch reiboot

Step 3. Click Fix Now (All iOS 11 Stuck). It will download and install the latest firmware. Then you can get your renewed iPhone X.

fix iOS 11 stuck

Bottom Line

In this passage, we introduced most common problems of iPhone X Face ID and general fixes. You can get rid of iPhone X Face ID failure with these fixes, or else you may need to call Apple for a replacement or repair if it’s under warranty. If you have other problems, please leave us a message.


windows download btn mac download btn

  Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for  Fix iPhone

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