How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

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Switching from Android to iPhone 12/11/X/8/7 Plus but no idea how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone? Today, we will tell you the detailed solutions of this inquiry.

transfer whatsapp message from android to iphone

Before You Get Started: FAQs about Transfer Whatsapp Messages from Android to iPhone

1. Can I transfer Whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone?

Yes. But remember that you cannot transfer Whatsapp chat history from Android to iPhone directly. Many guides are misleading. The only workable way is to use a professional tool like iCareFone for WhatsApp to help you.

2. Can I transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive?

No, you cannot. iPhone is related to iCloud and you can only restore from iCloud backup.

3. Can I transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone free?

Quite honestly, Android WhatsApp to iPhone transfer can be free but not always working.

(Editor's Pick)Method 1: Move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 7 with iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer Whatsapp Chats from Android to iPhone with Computer

The easiset and most recommended method to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone 12 is a reliable tool - iCareFone iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore. It is easy to use and can transfer your WhatsApp chats in just a few seconds. You don't need to know too many technologies, the software can instruct you. Follow the steps below to start:

Let's take a look at how to transfer with a video guide?

  • Download Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer to your computer, connect your Android and iPhone.

    move whatsapp from android to iphone - connect two devices - icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • After confiming some popups, you need to back up WhatsApp data on your source device. Do that as the screenshots show.

    whatsapp from android to iphone - create backup
  • To keep your data safe, you are required to verify WhatsApp account which you used to create backup by typing your phone number and country code below, and then press 'Verify'.

    transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone - verify- icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • Then fill in 6-digit WhatsApp Verification code that you just got from WhatsApp oficial. Click 'Verify'.

    whatsapp backup from android to iphone - icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • After confirming that your data is safe, the program will automatically generate data that can be restored for your target device.

    how to restore whatsapp messages from android to iphone - generating whatsapp data - icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • You need to log in your account to ensure that the data is visible when WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer is complete.

    how to transfer whatsapp chat from android to iphone - logged in - icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • The program is restoring the data to your iPhone which will take a few minutes.

    copy whatsapp data from android to iphone - restoring - icarefone for whatsapp transfer
  • After a while, your WhatsApp data has been transferred successfully.

    	transfer whatsapp chats from android to iphone - transfer successfully - icarefone for whatsapp transfer

Transfer Whatsapp Chats from Android to iPhone without Computer

  • Go to Google Play and search “iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer” and install.

  • After you have recieved Service Agreement and User Privacy, please connect the Android and iOS device using a USB OTG cable and allow the application to access.

    contect devices via otg
  • To ensure your WhatsApp data’s security, please use the phone number and verification code to verify the WhatsApp account that is used to create the backup.

    phone number verification
  • After the WhatsApp account is successfully verified, the app will automatically start to generate new WhatsApp backup data, please wait for the completion and click Next.

    start to analyze
  • Before you transfer WhatsApp backup, please go to the iOS device to open Settings > iCloud account > Find My, and then disable Find My iPhone. After that, the application starts to transfer the backup to the iOS device.

    disable find my iphone
  • Please make sure your device is fully charged. After the data transmission is done, please uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall WhatsApp to view the transferred data.

    tranfer is completed

Method 2: How to Copy WhatsApp Chat from Android to iPhone 7 Using History Backup

You might wonder if there is any other way to get it done? How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using chat backup? As we all know that when you reinstall WhatsApp on Android, there would be a message notify you to restore from local backup.

Note:However, that doesn't work on iPhone. Even though, we still explain how to restore from backup below for you. Remember that this way only works on "Android to Android"

  • Unlock your Android device and go to WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and then tap on Backup button.

    whatsapp backup
  • You will need to uninstall WhatsApp on your old Android phone Then open it on the new iPhone 7, sign in to WhatsApp with your original account.
  • There will be a pop-up that tells you to restore the backup files which are stored in WhatsApp's Cloud.

A few moments later, you will find that you have successfully restored WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone 7(Plus). Now you can enjoy WhatsApp on iPhone too.

Method 3: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone Free Using Email Chat

Note: Using Email chat is not a perfect way, just sort of makeshit. You will not be able to view the chat history on WhatApp like before.

Using Email to transfer WhatsApp messages in also an easy solution, there are no too many steps, just follow us:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on Settings > Chats Settings > Chat History > Email chat.

    email whatsapp history
  • Select the WhatsApp chat history files you want to transfer, you can also choose to attach media or without media.
  • Next, you will go to the sending page, make sure you have already logged in your WhatsApp on the new iPhone, then send the chat history to it.

Method 4: Move WhatsApp Conversations from Android to iPhone 7/7 Plus Using "Move to iOS"

Have you ever heard of this app: Move to iOS? It is developed by Apple Company. You can install it to your Android phone from Google Play and use it to move Android files to iPhone easily.

Note: Actually, Move to iOS does not support "transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone"

move to ios

Here are steps:

  • Download and install Move to iOS on your Android device.
  • You will need to accept the terms and conditions, then you will see the Find your code screen.
  • Next, set up your iPhone till you see the Move from Android screen. Wait for the 10-digit or 6-digit code appear. Note that if you have set up the device, you will need to factory reset it first.

    move from android
  • Enter the code on your Android phone;
  • Select the files you want to transfer to iPhone and wait for the whole process finishes.

    move messages from android to iphone


After you have read what has mentioned above: If you want to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android with one-click, then this iCareFone iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is just the right one for you.

  Updated on 2021-09-17 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

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