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How Get Your iCloud Password If You Forget Or Misplace It

Forgetting a password is always annoying. But forgetting something important like your iCloud password can be not only annoying but can stand in the way of your work. Although commonly your iCloud password is the same as your Apple ID, sometimes this isn’t the case and while you might recall your IS your iCloud password eludes you.

Now of course, you should always write down any passwords, on paper, in a book, in your house. The threat to your passwords is not from people coming to your house and finding your passwords. The threat is from people obtaining your passwords digitally. You can’t after all hack a piece of paper remotely.

That said it’s not a great idea to have the same password and ID for any two services, so it makes sense to have separate IDs for general Apple and iCloud.

Ok so late advice aside, how do you get your iCloud password if you forget it?

Steps to Recover a Forgotten iCloud Password

Well, it’s actually quite simple once you know the procedure. You can reset iCloud password from the official Apple ID website in following steps:

  • First of all open up a browser and go to appleid.apple.com. There you will see the following screen:

    Apple ID login
  • You see the small letters under your Apple ID login? Click on those. Now you will see the next screen. There you can verify your Apple ID.

    Verifying your Apple ID
  • After typing in your Apple ID, you are taken to a screen where you can reset passwords.

    Having trouble signing in
  • Select reset password. The password will be sent to your alternate email address, not the one you used to sign in. Obviously if your Apple ID was compromised and someone used that to sign in, the could then sign into iCloud too. So it’s smart to have them as separate IDs.
  • Now you can go to your alternate email account and pick up an email with a reset link for your account.

    So what if the email doesn’t come through? Does that mean your account is locked forever? No of course not. Go back to the Apple ID website and sign in again as before. This time when you get to the choices choose security questions instead of email.

    First you will be asked for your birthday. Then you must answer your security questions. (Incidentally these questions and answers are things you should also write down in a password book in case you forget them.) Once you have passed the security you can create and confirm a new password!

    Now you can return to iCloud and login with your new password.

    And a note for the future. It’s very easy to forget passwords, so make sure you don’t trust them to your memory. Please write them down for the best reminders are ones you have to hand. You may interested in How to factory reset iPhone without Apple ID password.

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