iTunes Not Detecting iPhone 12? Here Are the Solutions!

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-11-05 / Update for  iPhone 12

Hey guys, just got my iPhone 12 (the previous phone was iPhone 8), but iTunes not detecting iPhone 12. My PC detects it - I can see it in my files and it is in device manager, but iTunes just doesn't recognize it." itunes not detecting iphone 12

Recently, an iOS on Apple community forum reported a problem that iTunes not detecting iPhone 12. There are a couple of reasons; iTunes might not be able to recognize your latest iPhone 12. In this article, we'll explain the reasons and methods to resolve this issue.

Part 1: Common Reasons That Probably Cause the iTunes Not Detecting iPhone 12

If you're wondering that Why iTunes not detecting, then here are the most common reasons that might help you in recognizing the problem.

  • USB cable to USB Port Problem
  • Haven't Trust Your PC
  • Wrong Operational
  • Version Problem (iTunes version too low)

Part 2: Quick Tips for iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone for Any Reasons

Above, we listed 4 common reasons that might force you to wonder, "why are iTunes not connecting to iPhone?" Here are some useful tips for you, if you're looking for a quick solution.

  • You need to ensure that your iPadOS or iOS device is unlocked with the home screen opened.
  • Update all software on your Mac or Windows PC. Make sure to have the latest version of all software such as iTunes.
  • Check your device if it's working perfectly.
  • Unlock your device and tap on Trust on the "Trust this Computer" alert box.
  • Make sure all connected USB accessories are working fine. Unplug all USB cables and test each USB port individually.
  • Restart your computer and your devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Connect your device with another computer. If the issue persists, you must contact Apple Support and get it resolved.

These useful tips will surely help you in resolving your problem. However, if you think, the current iTunes version is outdated or has a problem then you need to reinstall iTunes. Keeping this in view, it's quite different to download iTunes for Windows and Mac.

Part 3: How to Fix iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone 12 by Reinstall iTunes on Mac

If you're using Mac and facing "Mac not recognizing iPhone" then this section is for you. Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

  • Connect your device (iOS/iPadOS) and ensure it's unlocked and go to the Home Screen.
  • Press and hold the Option key, click on the Apple menu, and select System Information/System Report on your Mac.
  • Choose USB located on the left side of the list.
  • Under USB Device Tree, you'll see your device. If your device is listed there, install the latest updates else contact Apple Support to resolve Mac not recognizing iPhone.

    mac not recognizing iphone

Part 4: How to Fix iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone 12 by Reinstall iTunes on Windows 10

If you're facing iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10 issue, you can perform the following steps to fix it.

  • Disconnect your device (iOS/iPadOS) from your computer.
  • Unlock your device and reconnect it to your PC. Close iTunes if it's opened.
  • Press and hold the Start Button and close the Device Manager.
  • Look for the Portable Devices section and expand it.
  • Search your connected device, right-click your device, and click on Update driver.

    iphone not showing up in itunes windows 10
  • Click on "Search automatically for updated driver software."
  • After successful software installation, head to Settings, Update & Security, and then Windows Update. Make sure, no new updates are available.
  • Now, open iTunes.

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    itunes not recognizing iphone 12 tenorshare icarefone
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    itunes not recognizing iphone 12 tenorshare icarefone
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    itunes not recognizing iphone 12 tenorshare icarefone

Final Thought

Recently, a lot of iOS users are facing a new problem "iTunes not detecting iPhone 12" because of 4 common reasons mentioned in this article. To get rid of this problem, we've discussed 7 most useful tips to fix the "device not showing up in iTunes" issue. You can also use Tenorshare iCareFone to deal with any issue related to iOS.

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