Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now: What Are Those & How to Use Them

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-10-25 / Update for  change location

One of the reasons Monster Hunter Now is so popular among players is the wide variety of weapons and skills that players can use to hunt monsters. However, many players don’t know how to use special skills in Monster Hunter Now. Some even don’t know how to unlock or acquire them to begin with.

In this post, we talk about Monster Hunter Now use special skills (a complete how-to guide!)

Part 1: What Are Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now comes with many weapons that you can use to slay monsters. To be precise, there are 6 weapons that you can use. However, each weapon has a set of skills you can use further. That’s where special skills come into play.

As the name suggests, special skills are some top-notch attacks you can use with your weapons to inflict serious damage on the monsters.

To become the best monster hunter, you must know how to unlock and use special skills. That’s because, without special skills, your abilities are very much limited. You can’t inflict the maximum damage your weapon is capable of without using its special skill.

Now that you know what special skills are, it’s time to see how to unlock them.

Part 2: How to Unlock Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

To unlock a special skill for a weapon in Monster Hunter Now, you need to “overgrade” it. The term “overgrade” is used in place of “upgrade” in Monster Hunter Now. So, overgrading a weapon means you’re upgrading it to the next level.

To unlock a special skill for a weapon, you need to overgrade it to grade 2.

monster hunter now level up
  • To overgrade to grade 2, first, you have to reach the maximum output on grade 1. Once you’ve reached the maximum output, you’re ready to overgrade to grade two.
  • After you’ve reached the maximum output of grade 1, you need to head into the menu to upgrade it. Click the lower-left menu icon on the minimap to open the upgrade page.

Be noted that each weapon needs a unique number of materials to overgrade to level two. Luckily, you can see what exactly you need to overgrade. Once you have enough materials for that specific upgrade, you’re ready to overgrade the weapon.

To do that, simply tap the “Level Up” button. When the level up is complete, you’ve successfully unlocked a special ability for that weapon!

When you overgrade a weapon, you don’t only unlock the special ability, but you also increase the overall damage the weapon deals to enemies.

Part 3: How to Use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

Now that you know how to unlock special skills for weapons in Monster Hunter Now, you must be wondering how to use them. Well, using a special skill is pretty easy in the world of Monster hunter.

All you have to do is wait for the gauge to fill up, then just tap the button. But first, you need to equip the new overgaded weapon before you can use it.

  • To do this, head into the menu by clicking the bottom-left corner of the map.
  • Once you’ve equipped the weapon, head into a match.
  • While you’re playing, a new gauge is displayed right above your health bar. As you attack and hunt monsters, the gauge fills up. Once the gauge is filled, you’re ready to use the special skill. Simply tap the sparkly special skill gauge icon to initiate the skill.

Each weapon has a separate skill that you can unlock and use. For example, the first weapon you get in the game, called the Sword and Shield, has a special skill called the Perfect Rush Combo. This skill inflicts a lot of damage to the monster.s

Bonus: Play Monster Hunter Now Without Moving

As you very likely know, Monster Hunter Now is a real world game, which means you need to go outside to play it.

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Here’s how to play monster hunter now without moving via iAnyGo:

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    joystick movement interface
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    start to joystick movement
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    ianygo monster hunter now fake gps

Currently, iAnyGo supports location spoofing for Monster Hunter Now on iPhones. Android support is coming soon.

The Bottom Line

And that’s how to use special skills in Monster Hunter Now!

Each weapon comes with its own special skill, which you can unlock by overgrading it to level 2.

If you’d like to play the game without moving, Tenorshare iAnyGo is your best bet.