New Ways! WhatsApp Deleted Photo Recovery 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-04-10 / Update for  WhatsApp

All sorts of media like photos and videos are shared on WhatsApp. If any important photos get missed, WhatsApp deleted photo recovery comes into mind. In this article, we will look at WhatsApp deleted photo recovery apps and single out the best one, and explain how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos too.

Part 1: Can I Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos

To answer this question, yes, WhatsApp photo recovery is possible. And there are many ways of doing so. Some don’t require any apps to recover WhatsApp deleted pictures, while third-party apps are needed in some situations, such as you don't have a backup. Let's find out in the following parts.

Part 2: Which App is Best for WhatsApp Deleted Photos

There are various WhatsApp recovery applications present across the internet that get back your photos. However, some of them does not work and some are loaded with ads. Among all those apps, there is one you can trust and that is Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery. Using this application on your PC or Mac, you can:

  • Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone and Android even if you don’t have a backup.
  • Restore WhatsApp selectively from iTunes backup.
  • Keep the scanned WhatsApp data on the program and view it at any time.
  • Recover videos, photos, chats, attachments and other files.

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos without Backup

Now let's see the first method for WhatsApp photo recovery when you don’t have access to any previous backup. Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery works for both iPhone and Android. It scans the WhatsApp photos on your device and display them on the computer for you to recover.

  • Install and run UltData WhatsApp Recovery on your computer, and click on the Device tab.

    recover whatsapp from iphone with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Connect your device to the PC/Mac via a USB cable, and the program will detect your device and start scanning WhatsApp data.

    recover whatsapp from iphone with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • The scanned WhatsApp photos will be displayed. You can preview them as per your choice.

    recover whatsapp from iphone with ultdata whatsapp recovery
  • Select the photos you need and then click on Recover.

    recover whatsapp from iphone with ultdata whatsapp recovery

Part 4: WhatsApp Deleted Photo Recovery without Apps

There are two reliable ways here to be shared with you for WhatsApp deleted photo recovery without apps. But you need some additional backups or settings.

1. Recover deleted WhatsApp from backup

If you have WhatsApp backups created on your phone, then they can help you get your stuff back. No matter you are using iPhone and Android, as long as the latest backup includes photos you deleted, you can read the following article to restore WhatsApp photos:

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2. Photo auto download and save in Photos app

Although many WhatsApp users don't enable media auto download, this feature is of great help when you need to find previous deleted photos. If you turn on Media visibility on Android and Save to Camera Roll on iPhone, all you received photos and videos in WhatsApp will be automatically saved in Photos app. You can look for them easily.


People share pictures using WhatsApp but sometimes they end up mistakenly delete these photos. This is what makes WhatsApp deleted photo recovery essential. Don't worry, you can get your photos back using WhatsApp recovery apps like Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery or using backups.

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