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How To Unlock Samsung Tablet Forgot Password Without Losing Data/Factory Reset

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-06-12 / Update for  Samsung

I forgot my password of my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and can't seem to get past the lock screen. Does anyone know how to unlock Samsung tablet without password?

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One of the biggest fears for Samsung tablet users is forgetting their password and losing valuable data. It's a nightmare, isn't it? But don't worry, there are multiple ways to unlock Samsung tablet when forgot password/lock pattern/PIN. However, the worst-case scenario is that you'll have to perform a factory reset, which will erase all your data if you haven't backed it up.

To keep your data safe, you might be looking for a way to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A without losing data or factory reset. How can you do that? In this article, we have listed all the possible solutions to help you unlock Samsung tablet forgot password with or without a factory reset. Let's read on!

Part 1. What You Should Know If You Forgot Samsung Tablet Password

No matter what method you use to uunlock Samsung tablet without password, in most cases all the data will be erased from your device. But if you are using some early Samsung phones or tablets, then it is possible for you to save your data, which we will introduce in next part. Any way, backing up data on cloud storage like google drive, Dropbox, etc can save your important data. So, before trying to unlock Samsung tablet forgotten password by any of the methods below, you must be aware of possibility of data loss saved in the internal storage of the device.

In the following section, we'll explore several methods on how to unlock Samsung tablet without password/factory reset/losing data.

Part 2. How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A Forgot Password Without Losing Data

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a professional unlock tool for Android that allows you to remove or bypass Samsung tablet lock screen, pin, fingerprint or pattern. It supports not only early Samsung phones and tablets, but also the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4, S2, A6/7, etc. And this software now also supports unlocking earlier Samsung tablets without factory reset/losing data.

  • Unlock Samsung tablet swiftly, without password/pattern/fingerprint//PIN.
  • Simple 4-step process and no complicated operations.
  • Fast and efficient, the whole unlocking process takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Compatible with all Samsung tablets and Android versions.
  • Connect your Samsung tablet to your computer after running the program, it will show two options, just select "Remove Screen Lock" option.

  • choose remove google lock feature
  • Choose the "Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss" and then "Start" to begin.

    unlock early Samsung lock screen without data loss
  • Then select the Samsung tablet name and model. Make sure the information is correctly selected. (If your device is not found here, then go to another mode which will cause data loss)

    choose correct Samsung device information
  • Wait for the process to complete to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab a forgot password without losing data. You can also learn more carefully from the below video.

Video Tutorial on How to Unlock Samsung Tablet Without Password/Losing Data

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Part 3. How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A Forgot Password Without Factory Reset

Is it feasible to unlock a Samsung tablet forgot password without doing a factory reset? Yes, you can unlock it by logging into your Samsung tablet with your Google account. This method works for Android versions 4.4 and below.

1. Via Forgot Pattern

  • After several incorrect PIN or pattern entries, look for the "Forgot Pattern" option.
  • Enter your backup PIN or your Google account info (email and password) and select "Sign in".
  • Once unlocked, you can set up new passwords, PINs, or patterns for Samsung tablet.


This method is simple but limited to older Samsung models.

2. Via Samsung Find My Mobile

If you have forgotten the password to your Samsung tablet, there is no need to worry. The Samsung Find My Mobile feature can help you unlock it without the need for a factory reset. This feature allows you to delete all screen lock information, including patterns, pins, passwords. However, you will need to have your Samsung account and password to use this feature.

  • First, ensure Remote controls and Remote unlock are turned on in your device settings under Find My Mobile.
  • Navigate to Samsung Find My Mobile, sign in with your Samsung account, and select the Unlock feature.
  • Follow the prompts to verify your account and unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A forgot password without factory reset.

Part 4. How To Unlock Samsung Tablet Without Password - Hard Reset

When you are stuck at lock screen because of forgotten password, pin code, pattern, etc. Hard reset option comes handy. Follow the steps to reset Samsung Tab without password.

  • Power of your Samsung tablet and wait for 10 seconds to let the device completely powered off.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Home Button at the same time and wait for the Recovery screen to display.
  • Use the volume keys to navigate within the recovery menu. Move to the “wipe data/factory reset” option and press Power button to select it.

    factory reset samsung tab to unlock tab if forgot pattern
  • Move to the “Yes -- delete all user data” option and press the power button to select it.
  • Wait for the reset process to complete. After completion, select the “Reboot system now” option. Done! You have successfully erased lock screen password using hard reset option.

Part 5. How To Get Samsung Tablet Password Reset - Android Device Manager

Android device manager utility can control your device, so you can remove lock screen remotely with this utility. It allows you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Tab by remotely erasing it. Moreover, if your phone or tablet is lost, you can locate your missing Android device and lock it until you recover it. Now, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process to unlock Samsung tablet with the help of Google Find My Device.

  • Open web browser in computer or any other device and go to the link http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager

  • Sign in with the same account as in your locked device. The google will try to locate your device.
  • After it locates successfully, it will give you three options, from which you have to go for Lock.
  • unlock samsung tab through android device manager
  • Enter the temporary new pin to unlock the device and click on Lock. Done! You can now unlock with this temporary unlock code and then reset assword on Samsung Galaxy Tab in the settings.

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Part 6. FAQs about Unlock Samsung Tablet

Q1: Does unlocking Samsung Tablet removes SD Card Data?

No, bypassing lock screen security requires the device to reset to its factory state which erases the internal storage only. It does not affect the external storage like the SD card. Although, all the accounts linked with the device are also removed, which you can add again by logging in from the account menu of the device.

Q2: Does Samsung Tablet unlocking is free?

Yes, it is not a paid task to remove Samsung lock screen password for some methods. But the recommended way is to use the paid 4ukey for Android software as it can unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A forgot password without factory reset/without losing data.

Q3: What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset is to restore the device to its factory settings and remove all the data stored in it. It is performed by pressing combinations of device buttons pressed together or in a specific sequence. If you are unable to unlock your Samsung tablet because of lock screen, follow the steps below to hard reset and remove lock screen it.


This article has covered how to unlock a Samsung tablet without password/factory reset/losing data. Also, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android software is the optimal method. It can unlock all Samsung tablets and Android devices without password in 5 minutes. By following these methods, you can effortlessly regain access to your locked Samsung tablet.

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