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Good News!! You Can Unlock Samsung S10/S22/S23 without Password

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-02-14 / Update for  Samsung 10

You should clasp your phone with a proper lock system. If you somehow forget the lock, eventually, there are a couple of ways you can bypass the passcode, pattern, fingerprint, face ID, and any other types of screen lock on the Samsung S10/S21/S22/S23 series. Once you forget your password to your phone, there is no easy way to get back into the phone. So in this tutorial, we will guide you on the top 4 methods you can use to unlock Samsung S10 without a password.

Method 1. Bypass The Lock Screen on A Samsung Galaxy s10 via Professional Tool (Recommended)

You should have heard about the most excellent password manager tool, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. If not, let’s go deep-down through the detailed steps to bypass the lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S10 with this tool.

Steps to Unlock Samsung S10 with Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

  • First things first, download and install the software, Tenorshare 4uKey for android, on your computer. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Now, connect your locked Samsung S10 to your computer with a proper USB cable. Once it’s performed, you should see a message on the 4uKey that says, “Samsung is connected, please select a feature.” Also, click on the tile “Remove screen lock” to get started.

    choose remove screen lock on 4ukey to unlock samsung s10
  • Once you click on the start, a prompt screen appears on the screen. It asks for the dialogue to choose to remove the screen lock on Samsung S10. There, press “Yes” covered in the green

    confirm to remove screen lock on 4ukey to unlock samsung s10
  • As you press confirm, a prompt will pass and the removing screen loads. This process will remove the password lock on your Samsung S10. Please do not detach your USB cable while running through the process; it may permanently damage your phone.

    removing samsung s10 lock screen with 4ukey for android
  • Once completed, Tenorshare 4uKey prompts a message saying, “Screen password has been removed successfully.” Finally, boot your phone normally, which should remove the password lock on your phone

    successfully remove samsung s10 lock screen with 4ukey for android

Video Guide: Using 4ukey for Android to Unlock Samsung S10 without Password

Method 2. Do Factory Reset to Get into Samsung S10 without Password

You have a Samsung S10 series phone and want to factory reset to get into it without password, here is how it works.

  • You need to reboot or shut down your phone before you start resetting your Samsung S10. However, this brings a password lock screen. If that’s the case, then press and hold power and volume down button at once for around 10 seconds. When the screen goes blank, quickly push Bixby, power, and volume UP button at once.
  • Now, you are on the Android recovery screen. The screen looks similar to the image we have shown below. Use volume rocker to toggle through the menu. Go down and select “wipe data and factory reset.” To continue, press on the “power button.”
  • On the next screen, press “Yes” to confirm the wipe data and factory reset your Samsung S10.
  • Once completed, go back to the menu and press on the “power button” to reboot your system.
  • The process usually takes up to 5-10 minutes to reboot into your phone. Set up your phone with the required information and proceed to a locked free Samsung S10.

Cons of this method:

This method will remove all the Google and Samsung account linked to your phone. All the cache and memory will be erased, thus make sure you have properly backed up your data before trying this very method.

Method 3. Using Android Device Manager to unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password

You can also use Android Device Manager to bypass the Samsung S10 screen lock, follow the steps to learn details.

  • Before you start the process, you should have enabled Android Device Manager on your phone. Go to settings > Device Administrators > Android Device Manager. Also, enabling location services on your phone will help with the process.
  • The phone associated with your Google Account will be shown on the Device Manager. Select Samsung Galaxy S10, and this will locate your device.
  • Now, press on “Erase” and confirm the wiping of your device. It should remotely erase all the screen locks on Samsung S10.

Cons of this method:

The method only works if you have downloaded the services on your phone and enabled necessary settings. Subsequently, Android Device Manager will also wipe data and settings on your Samsung phone. Make sure to have made a proper backup of your phone before starting the process.

Method 4. Utilize 'Find My Mobile' to Unlock Samsung S10 without Password

Samsung Find my Mobile is used to track down your phone when it’s lost or misplaced. You can also utilize the service to unlock Samsung S10 if you forgot your lock password.

  • Make sure you have enabled “Find My Mobile” service on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Settings > Biometrics and security > Find my Phone. Once you sign to the Samsung account, you should have this service automatically enabled.
  • Go to another phone or computer and sign in to the exact Samsung account on Find my Phone. There, on the right panel, click on the “Unlock” option and confirm to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10.

Star Tip: How to Change Password on Samsung S10

It’s quite simple to change the password on Samsung S10. Once you have successfully bypassed the lock screen, you need to set a password on Samsung S10.

  • Unlock your Samsung S10 and go to settings, and then to “Lock Screen.”
  • After that, go to “Lock Screen Type.”
  • On-screen lock type, select password lock system, and set it up, click on “Done” to make changes.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it should have come to the perspective that you can unlock your Samsung S10/S22/S23 without a password. There are tools like Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, which can unlock the phone without losing data on your phone. Alternatively, you can choose to factory reset your phone to wipe system memory and start your phone fresh completely.