How to Fix iTunes Error While Restoring or Updating iOS

Renew iOS system through iTunes is a normal behavior for any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user, and they may prefer the latest version which offers more practical functions. However, did you experience with unforeseen errors in iTunes when you try to restore or upgrade iOS system? It is believed that glitches and bugs inevitably exist! And this article will introduce you some tips about how to resolve iTunes error while restoring or upgrading iOS.

Note: If you accidently lose data when restoring or updating iOS, here is a powerful tool - Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, for you to solve any data missing or being deleted problem.

Part 1: Types of iTunes Errors When Restoring or Updating iOS

When you are trying to restore or upgrade iOS, common errors often turn up suddenly that are caused by either the old version of the software or the non-response from the server in your computer. Common Errors includes 4014, 4016, 3194, 3004, 3194, 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1611 and so on.

common itunes error 3194

Part 2: 4 Easy s to Fix iTunes Errors While Restoring or Updating iOS

To follow the tips offered below, the errors can be eliminated soon and you can recover or update iOS successfully.

1. Directly Update iTunes

Get the latest version of iTunes on your computer and the errors can be solved easily and quickly.

  • Windows: From the menu bar in iTunes, choose Help > Check for Updates.
  • win itunes update
  • Mac: Choose iTunes > Check for Updates.
  • mac itunes update
  • Install the latest version of iTunes and try to update or restore your iPhone again.

2. Check for Hosts File

These iTunes errors seem to occur because iTunes cannot communicate with Apple's update servers. You need to check your hosts file.

  • As for Windows, find out the "hosts" in C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and the file is in /etc/ for Mac.
    host files in window Mac:
    host files on mac
  • Open the "hosts" in Notepad mode and navigate to the line that is written:
  • Add a single '#' (without the quotes) in front of the line in Windows but delete the whole line if it is on Mac, and save the files.

3. Fix iTunes with Tenorshare TunesCare--Easiest Way

When you have trouble in updating iTunes, as a powerful iTunes helper, Tenorshare TunesCare can help to fix all iTunes syncing problem and iTunes errors which can also fix iOS update and restore errors in only one click.

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  • Install Tenorshare TunesCare and launch the program, and click "Fix All iTunes Issues" to repair iTunes in your PC/Mac.
  • fix all itunes issues
  • Follow its guide to repair and this program will lead you to download repairing driver for iTunes. The repairing process will take you about 2 minutes. After that, iTunes will restart automatically.

4: Using TinyUmbrella

If the errors haven't been solved yet hopefully, there is still another helpful tool for you - TinyUmbrella! Please remember that you need to save SHSH blobs in your local drive or on Cydia firstly if you want to downgrade.

To fix the iTunes error, you need to finish all the steps below.

  • Download the iOS firmware you need and download TinyUmbrella
  • Connect your iPhone (Turn off iTunes if it pops up usually).
  • Open TinyUmbrella and then click on 'Start TSS Server'
  • Put your iPhone into DFU (Learn more about how to put your iPhone into DFU)
  • Head to restore or upgrade your firmware, click on Shift+Restore for windows and Option+Restore for Mac to point it to the iOS ipsw file you have downloaded.

5.Ultimate Method--Tenorshare ReiBoot

Above are the workable iTunes error 17 solutions. If your iPhone/iPad stuck at recovery mode after receiving this error message, you can use a free iPhone reboot tool - Tenorshare ReiBoot to exit recovery mode without losing data.

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Connect your stuck device to computer with USB cable, Tenorshare ReiBoot will detect it in recovery mode, and you can click "Exit Recovery Mode" to get the iOS device out of recovery mode immediately. The whole process takes you 10-20 seconds. The iDevice will boot up to normal.

exit recovery mode

As you can see, iTunes will recover iOS firmware to the one that you hope without any error happening. This is a useful method that avoids the occurrence of the errors directly instead of fixing an existed error.
Errors are als happening unexpectedly to everyone, but we are the team who is trying our best to help you solve any problem. So, just be rest assured to be a Tenorshare fan!

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