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5 Tips to Check If Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-09-04 / Update for  iPhone Tips

You tried to send a message to someone on iMessage, and it didn’t get through? It can be the reason if the recipient has deleted their Apple account, or they just blocked your contact number. You might already know how to block someone on the iPhone and iPad. Blocking someone on iMessage is pretty straightforward to perform as well to check if anyone has blocked you from iMessage. If you are unsure if someone has blocked you or not, we have proper guidance for inspecting the fact.

Question 1. How to Figure out If Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

1. Check The Color of iMessage Bubble

messages have a blue color bubble while some are green. If you are exchanging text between a fellow iPhone owner, the message bubble is blue; this means you are using iMessage technology. iMessage uses data or Wi-Fi instead of standard SMS to exchange information. If someone is using a SIM carrier to send you a message on iMessage, the bubble will turn green.

  • Start writing a text to the contact. If the message color turns to be blue, you are on the safe side.
  • In case the color bubble turns green while you send a message, there’s a doubt if he/she is not using iMessage anymore or they have blocked you.

    check message bubble to judge if someone has blocked you on imessage

The process is quite unfair to decide you are prevented from iMessage completely. Considering the fact, let’s move onto other viable methods to know the truth.

2. Check the Sending Status of iMessage

Follow the steps to check the sending status of iMessage.

  • Launch the iMessage app and start typing a text message to the one you doubt.
  • Tap on send; if you are blocked, then you will never see “Delivered” message otherwise delivered status is set underneath every message bubble.

    check message status to figure out if someone has blocked you on imessage

The step also can’t say if you are blocked or not because the status message also is displayed if he/she has disabled “read receives” on their phone.

3. Send Him an iMessage at Another Number

If the contact has another iMessage, then send him a text on the number to verify the status.

  • From the contact list, choose another contact number of the recipient and send him a text message.
  • Now check whether the same fundamentals like the above steps repeat. If the message is delivered successfully and the message bubble turns blue, then it’s confirmed that he/she blocked you in his other iMessage.

    imessage at another to judge if someone has blocked you on imessage

4. Give Him a Facetime Call

To this point, you have already tried sending iMessage, and it does not verify the contact blocked you. Now it’s check using Facetime call.

  • Call on the recipient's contact number.
  • If voicemail service starts after short ringing, then you are blocked.

    facetime someone to figure out if someone has blocked you on imessage

5. Switch off Caller ID and Call Him

If you are uncomfortable with calling the contact with your called ID, you can set it to off and call him. The caller ID will never send; however, those calls with “No caller ID” are not picked. You can at least do the following to check the block status.

  • Launch “Settings” and select “Phone.”
  • On the “Show my caller ID,” disable it by toggling it to OFF.

    switch off caller id to figure out if someone has blocked you on imessage

Question 2. Can You Still Send iMessage If Blocked?

Yes, it is possible to send iMessage to one who blocked you. If you want to rebuild relations again, you would require to contact him/her with another email address; to do so, follow the guidelines below.

  • Go to “Settings” and search for message settings.
  • On the message settings, select one that says, “Send and Receive.”
  • Now, on the option saying, “You can reach iMessage,” select “Add another email address.”
  • Also, verify the email and iMessage the one blocking you from iMessage.

    still send imessage if someone has blocked you on imessage

Related Question: What to Do If iMessage Not Working on iPhone 11/X/8

Maybe the person who you are suspecting has not stuck you else your iPhone has crashed from using iMessage. There is a flexible solution waiting for you. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the exact application tool available for Windows and Mac to solve any stuck issues related to iOS. Download and installation Tenorshare ReiBoot from the given link and follow the detailed steps given below.

  • Now connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the ReiBoot application.
  • After successful detection of the iPhone, on the given option, select one that says “Repair Operating System.”

    fix someone has blocked you on imessage with reiboot
    pic: Repair Operating System with ReiBoot
  • Now, read the notes carefully and then click on the “Fix Now” option.

    fix someone has blocked you on imessage with reiboot
    pic: click Fix Now on Reiboot
  • After that, it turns to download the necessary firmware package for the solution. ReiBoot will automatically detect the best firmware suitable for your device; just click on “Download” to begin.

    fix someone has blocked you on imessage with reiboot
    pic: Downloading Firmware on Reiboot
  • After the process is complete, click on “Repair Now” to allow ReiBoot to repair.

    fix someone has blocked you on imessage with reiboot
    pic: Start to Repair imessage with Reiboot
  • Sit patiently; the repair completes in a couple of minutes. After finishing, click on “Done.” Your iPhone will then boot normally.

    fix someone has blocked you on imessage with reiboot
    pic: Repair Completed with Reiboot


iMessage is no brainer the best messaging service yet developed for an iPhone. Some disputes or lets’ call it as misunderstanding might lead to a hard-time relationship. Blocking someone on iMessage will no longer give access to the contact to disturb again. If there is a case you would like to start fresh, you can use the methods mentioned above to check the cause. If the issue with iMessage is software-ways, then you can use the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool to solve.