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How to Fix iPhone App Stuck on Loading After Restore

Recently, a lot of users complained that their iPhone app waiting after restore from iTunes or iCloud backup. Some even encountered app stuck on downloading or installing and cannot be deleted. The reasons for this problem can be poor network connection, lack of storage or system conflict. Luckily in this article, we've gathered some useful tips to help people fix apps won't install or and stuck on waiting after iTunes restore on iPhone XR/Xs/X/10/8/7/6s/6/5s completely.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Bad and unstable network condition may result in iPhone apps in waiting mode. Check your network connection and make sure it is stable and well. And you'd better choose a strong Wi-Fi instead of cellular data.

2. Check Your iPhone Storage

iPhone apps greyed out after restore could also occur when there is not enough storage on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can delete some apps you rarely use. Go to Setting > General > Usage& iCloud Usage> Manage Storage, select the app and tap Delete App.

check iphone storage space

You can also clear caches in apps manually to free up more space as apps will take more and more storage when using them frequently.

If you think it is too cumbersome to delete apps and clear caches manually, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner to clean iPhone system storage.

launch reiboot

3. Close Running Apps in Background

Usually, we open up many apps on iPhone at the same time. When we're using one app, the others will keep running in the background, which will slow down the iPhone and may result in iPhone app waiting stuck. To remove all running programs in background, you can double press the home button and then slide all the programs off. After that, you can try again to download and install apps.

4. Restart Your iPhone

If your iPhone apps still say waiting after iTunes restore, you can restart it to turn off unknown background programs and release temporary memory caches. Restart iPhone: Hold Sleep/Wake button > Slide to Power off >Hold Sleep/Wake button again.

check iphone storage space

After the reboot, you can resume updating the dark and waiting apps by tapping one app at a time to update each app.

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5. Fix iPhone App Stuck Loading with Free ReiBoot - High Success Rate

When iPhone app update hangs on waiting or installing, you can try to put iPhone into recovery mode and then get it out to fix this issue. You can use Free iPhone recovery mode software -Tenorshare ReiBoot to put iPhone into or out of recovery mode with only one click.

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Download and launch Free Tenorshare ReiBoot on your PC/Mac and connect your iPhone to computer. Click "Enter Recovery Mode" on the main interface once your iOS device is detected.

launch reiboot

After that, you'll see iTunes logo on your iPhone screen.

Then, click "Exit Recovery Mode" to reboot the device forcibly.

launch reiboot

Now, you can choose to delete the dark apps or continue downloading the waiting apps.

Note: If a simply enter & exit recovery mode does not fix the problem, you can repair iPhone system to fix iPhone apps stuck on waiting/loading throughly. ReiBoot Pro supports to fix 50+ types of iOS problems without data loss, including iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone frozen, etc.

6. Resume Downloading iPhone Apps

If iPhone app waiting forever, you can go to App Store on your iPhone/iPad/iPod not PC/Mac to download and install them again. Go to App Store > Update > Purchases, and you will find all those Apps, just click the iCloud icon with arrow to download apps again.

check iphone storage space

7. Update Apps in iTunes Library and Sync Your iPhone

If you see your Facebook, email, Messenger and other apps frozen on installing, you can update them in iTunes library follow the steps below.

  • Open iTunes on computer and go to the Apps in your Library.
  • Make sure you're in the "icons" view and click Update All button.
  • Once all your apps in your iTunes library are updated, click Sync to sync your iPhone.

8. Change Another Language on Your iPhone

Here is a way I saw on a forum that has helped some Apple owners get rid of iPhone apps waiting after update. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language, selecting another language, which will force Spring Board to restart.

check iphone storage space

Once the home screen appears again, you can tap on one of the apps that previously failed to restore. And these apps will start loading and installing without needing to tap on them individually.

9. Resign into Your App Store

Some Apple users encountered apps greyed out and can't delete after restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup. They eventually fixed the issue by logging out of App Store and then logging back into it. When you resign into your App Store, the waiting apps will be downloaded again.

sign out app store on iphone

10. Reset Your iPhone

As is well known, resetting iPhone can fix various stuck issues, but it will wipe all the data on your iPhone and become unrecoverable.

Reset iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

reset all settings on iphone

You can try this way if you don't mind data loss. After the reset, you should fix iPhone apps black out waiting.

In this article, we've shown you how to fix iPhone apps stuck in waiting mode after restore from iTunes backup or iCloud. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the top recommended method as it will surly fix the problem without erasing data. If you have other methods, please do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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